Embracing girl failure: the anti-girlboss trend we can all relate to

One of our writers discusses what it means to be a girlboss, and how we can combat the pressure women face to be perfect...

Jess Hughes
19th March 2024
Image credit: pixabay, @qimono

Although it’s the age-old story, it is important to reiterate how social media continues to perpetuate unrealistic standards that we, as girls, should strive for and a prime example is the term ‘girl-boss’. This term was originally coined to empower women, to pave the way for women in positions such as CEO, or simply to give them more autonomy, but has since been heavily satirised on social media platforms such as Tik Tok. 

The term, although mainly used with irony now, continues to idealise an unrealistic lifestyle aimed at women. The girlboss wakes up at 6am, drinks a litre of water from her Stanley Cup to prepare her for her daily Pilates class. This is followed by meditation, a cold shower and her 10-step skincare routine. Of course, her diet is strictly raw vegan. Oh and don’t forget to cut out carbs and processed sugar, your food should be all organic! 

In the face of trends such as girlboss you are bound to feel like a failure. These standards are truly exhausting and create a void for unhealthy comparison between women. Notice how there is no such term as boyboss or manboss? The words 'double standards' come to mind. It’s time to let girls be girls and women be women and embrace girl failure; women shouldn't have to strive for perfection 24/7 in order to be a boss, we should be allowed to have low moments and still be considered boss worthy.

Perhaps you text an ex you probably shouldn’t have after one too many drinks (guilty!!) or maybe all you’ve ate lately is instant noodles and bagels (also guilty…) that is okay! Women are constantly being told to strive for perfection but it is okay to make mistakes. In fact, you are bound to make mistakes and these mistakes allow you to grow and learn. 

So embrace rotting in bed for the day and binging your comfort movies or skipping that lecture and getting your favourite cake instead. A lot of the women in my life hold so much empathy and compassion for others very little for themselves. So instead of holding yourself to these unrealistic standards treat yourself with the same kindness and grace you give others. Life is truly about fun, connections and indulgence!

Embrace failure and your flaws. 

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