EP review: 'The Rest' by Boygenius

Six months after the release of their debut album, the boys are back in town with a companion EP

Charlotte Burley-Hnat
15th November 2023
Image credit: Instagram @xboygeniusx
Bandmates Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus have just completed an epic tour with their debut album, further cementing their place on the indie rock scene. If the album and tour weren't enough for fans, ‘the rest’ is comprised of four introspective songs that reflect on both morality and mortality.  

'Black Hole’ is a perfectly curated opening track, with Baker’s stripped-down vocals being met with urgent piano and legendary drums, leaving you itching for more.  

In ‘Afraid of Heights’, Dacus uses deceivingly simple lyrics to explore the internal conflict between entropy and feeling as though she lacks experiences needed to live a “vibrant life”. Dacus discusses the all too human anxieties that surround her pursuit of adventure, while the fear of getting hurt holds her back. 

Image credit: Instagram @xboygeniusx

Bridgers once again uses haunting vocals and metaphors to reflect on the breakdown of a past relationship in 'Voyager’. The lyric “you took it from me, but I would’ve given it to you” mirrors the lyrics of Bridgers’ ‘Moon Song’, making it my personal favourite on the EP. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Baker described it best; “[Phoebe] understand[s] the lore of [her] life, contextualised in the story that [she] has to be telling”. 

Bridgers once again uses haunting vocals and metaphors to reflect on the breakdown of a past relationship

In the final track, Baker reflects on her own origin story by using comic book tropes and destructive scientific reactions as metaphors, ‘Powers’ is undeniably punk rock, whilst still maintaining the rawness and honesty that we have come to expect from Boygenius. It is a true testament to Baker’s talent and undoubtedly the perfect ending to this Boygenius chapter. 

A love letter to the supergroup’s friendship, ‘the rest’ isn’t simply just the songs left on the cutting room floor, but rather a harmonious collection of songs that make better sense together than apart.  

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