Essential records to ask for this Christmas

Joe Smith gives his top picks for albums that make the ideal Christmas gift.

Joe Smith
5th December 2020
Christmas, a time for giving, a time for sharing, and most importantly, a time to stick some records on your prezzie list because you’ve got no fucking clue what else to ask for. I’ve gathered together the three albums I think you should wack on your Christmas list so that you don’t have to scroll through the endless pages of discogs for a cracking soundtrack this festive season.
Untrue - Burial

What better time to have an existential crisis than Christmas. It’s the start of a new year and those resolutions you set yourself four years ago still havent been resolved. . On the album that established him as one of the greatest ambient-house producers of all time, forget about your worries and find solace from noisy cousins and snoring grandparents in a vast soundscape of ambient imagination. Although no sleighbells are sampled, you can find the lonely echoes of R&B numbers long gone and the subtle vibrations of a nokia 3310 litterend the complex and delicate musical void that is Untrue.

It’s My Life - Talk Talk

Despite being massive, i still feel that my beloved Talk Talk doesn't get as much appreciation as they deserve, hence why I’ve stuck them on this list. On this, their 1984 pop masterclass, Talk Talk delivered all you could want to listen to on Christmas. Its highs and lows, its loud and its quiet, and most importantly it provides an altogether fantastic mood, perfect for sitting around the table enjoying your meat substitute and potatoes. It’d be such a shame if you didn’t get this one for crimbo.

Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas - Ella Fitzgerald

This ones for all you crooners out there, the ones who love a traditional Christmas and refuse to give up your traditions. If this is you then you can at least spice up your xmas day with an essential dose of the fantastic Ella Fitzgerald. On this record she brings together all the Christmas classics you could ask for, with a bit of quite frankly perfect jazz thrown in. Her voice oozes festivity and between me and you, she’s far, far better than the Bublé, so stick her on instead.

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