Eurovision 2022 roundup

Mitchell Hall looks into this year's Eurovision

Mitchell Hall
30th May 2022
Credit: Facebook
So another year and another Eurovision has passed by, and it was certainly one that stood out! Performances that were memorable for a variety of reasons, surprising votes from the participant nations and unprecedented fan voting all worked together to create an incredibly gripping spectacle.

Perhaps the most unbelievable part of the whole event was the fact that the UK won the national votes, after such dismal performances in recent years Sam Ryder’s ‘Spaceman’ won over the other participants and gave the nation something the cheer about at their screens. As every set of votes came in the reactions in the room ebbed and flowed with the results, it was quite nice having something to cheer about rather than staring at the UK at the bottom of the table like normal.

Eurovision 2022 also featured some of the signature wackiness for which the competition has become known. Norway’s lyrics were as nonsensical as their style and dance, whilst Serbia’s entry was as unique as it was slightly unsettling. This served them well in the public vote, but not so much with he other countries and so they’ll have to settle for winning the hearts of viewers rather than the competition.

The winners did however emerge due to the public vote, through which Ukraine absolutely swept up with over 400 votes. It is unsurprising that they did so well here, with everyone including myself expecting Ukraine to receive the nicest treatment possible due to the political situation and invasion in the country. That being said I think their song, ‘Stefania’ by the Kalush Orchestra, was by itself worthy of being in and around the top spots, combining a variety of styles and sounds with compelling visual aspects that are required for Eurovision success.

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