Ewoks join Battlefront II in Age of Rebellion update

Battlefront II has received a huge update with more underway. Find out what was added here!

James Troughton
29th February 2020
Draw your bow, strap on your big black boots and grab that green lightsaber, because the original trilogy (OT) has come to Star Wars: Battlefront II's Co-Op mode with some shiny new content.

Ewoks, which were previously available as playable characters exclusively in Ewok Hunt, are now widely available on all OT maps as an infiltrator reinforcement; they're ludicrously fun, with their wisties pouch that unleashes a swarm of carnage along with their aimbot bow that provides a completely new playstyle, keeping things fresh. They're not the only new infiltrator, however, as ISB agents from the show Rebels have also joined the battlefront.

Now is the perfect time to boot up Star Wars: Battlefront II and give it another shot

Rebels well and truly got its fair share of love in this update, as the aerial reinforcement for the Empire has been updated to better match the jump troopers of the show. This is the new default skin, and there's even a commander variant with a distinct pauldron. The old version has been dubbed 'legacy' and is still available to select as an alternative skin.

A sneak peek at the upcoming map, Scarif, which will be added in March. Credit: EA Star Wars (YouTube)

Alongside the two new reinforcements and new appearances comes four brand new weapons - one for each class. Assault got the E-11D, the officer got the DL-18, heavy got the T-21 and specialist got the Cycler Rifle. These weapons roll out with a quality-of-life attachment visual that shows which attachments are selected as miniature icons below each gun.

The UI was a major focus of the update, with many new options being added to give players more customisability over how their HUD looks. You can move the heat bar, decide if the radar has an outline, choose if the squad list is icon only, change where rank up appears on the screen and more.

On top of this, there have been re-works to Leia and Chewbacca, along with a new default Wookie skin that gives the reinforcement a swanky eyepatch. As per usual, the old variation has been named 'legacy' and kept as an alternative.

The ships from the supremacy modes are being added to Co-Op and there's plenty more that's been implemented, changed, updated and fixed, with a promise for further content releases throughout 2020. March is already outlined, but the community transmission (CT) which tends to unveil even more content has yet to be dropped. You can read the full CT for February's update here.

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To top it all off, they even gave a sneak peek at the next map, Scarif, which will be added in March. Now is the perfect time to boot up Star Wars: Battlefront II and give it another shot, because it's well and truly redeemed itself.

Featured image credit: EA Star Wars (YouTube)

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