Fall season in full swing

Editor of the Courier, Louise Hall, chips in on this seasons trends...

Louise Hall
26th November 2018

Taking a travel down Northumberland Street this year it’s become pretty obvious that fall season collections are officially in full swing, and amongst all the fluffy jumpers and puffer jackets are a wide array of accessories to help make your wrapped up winter looks pop with originality.

[pullquote]One of the hardest trends to ignore this season is the comeback of the hats.[/pullquote] One of the hardest trends to ignore this season is the comeback of the hats. While the old faithful bobble hat has made its timely resurgence in a number of variations across the high street, there are many other interesting style’s to choose from. Berets in a multitude of colours can not only help to cover up a bad hair day, but add a sense of put together sophistication to any look. The resurgence of the fascinatingly named ‘bakerboy hat’ reminiscent of 1970’s individuality, has also become a staple. But in its exuberant bright yellow, cord and tartan patterns, is perhaps more of a look for the bold.

Scarves and clutch bags in leopard print seem to be redefining the boundaries of the once somewhat typecast pattern, giving it a fresher more edgy life and positioning itself as a rival to the classic winter tartan accessory trend that has held down the fort for as long as we can remember.

The popularity of dainty necklaces and rings on offer this season offers a modest contrast to overstated earrings and hoops, of which warm gold metal is the prevalent trend. Despite this, rose gold accessories also seem to have persevered for another season, maintaining its popularity in the faces of understated wrist watches with large faces and simple styles.

The light hearted fashionistas in Newcastle are also in luck however, as graphic accessories continue to be a hit this season. Faux fur pom pom bag attachments also seemingly refuse to die out as we move into autumn winter, despite their impracticality and generally cheap appearance. From bold text prints to llama’s, unicorns and Christmas themed gear, you can unleash your inner child while still maintaining a stylish and mature personal brand.

In terms of a clutch bag for the party season, it seems that circle cross body bags are the most recent update, and that as usual glitter and sequins never go out of style.

With this mixture of reworked classic styles and standout original pieces available the high street this autumn/winter, it’s safe to say that there’s an accessory trend for any look this year for any student, no matter what your taste.

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