Farewell to Newcastle: 'In the end, none of this matters'

It’s about bloody time you’re leaving. You’ve been here for three or four years, and now your time at university has come to a resolute end.

James Sproston
9th July 2018
Get me pictures of Spiderman: FORMER Editor of The Courier, James Sproston

It’s about bloody time you’re leaving. You’ve been here for three or four years, and now your time at university has come to a resolute end.

If you dare look at your student card one last time, you’d see a very different person staring back at you. That fresh-faced 18-year-old represents distant memories now, probably embarrassing ones back when you were desperately trying to impress new flatmates.

Between then and now you may have learnt to take a good photo, grown a beard, or lost the bangs, but it didn’t come easy. Since then you may well have loved and lost, tried and failed, learnt and forgotten, but it’s all part of the process.

In that time, you’ve gone from ring of fire to first time buyer, never have I ever to career-orientated endeavour, and flip cup to a criminal amount of plaque build-up. That person on that student card has seen and done a lot of things.

But what have you got to show for it besides an unprecedented amount of body hair and a slightly slower metabolism? I bet you’ve got a lot.

Though you’re probably glad that you’ll never have to learn about the Geopolitics of Kyrgyzstan again, you’ve managed to come out with a degree. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but you’ll be delighted to hear that the piece of paper means that this process has been worthwhile.

You may have even come out with some more skills, be those academic or otherwise. Like most, you’ve probably learnt how to pretend that you’ve read a reference just to throw it in your bibliography, and you may well have learnt how use tae kwon do to kick someone in the chops as well, which will almost certainly come in useful.

Those lucky ones among you may even gone the full 12 rounds in the ring with sociology at university, and emerged with a plan to become an accountant. University is so good for teaching us what we love and hate about our courses and beyond, so even if you don’t have a proper plan put together, you’ve probably got a decent idea of what to have a crack at next.

But what’s more than all that is the experience, and the people who experienced it with you. Though you may still enjoy ferrying yourself back to Skipton every summer to have a few scoops in the local Spoons, there’s nothing like the bonds that you build with the people you spend every single day with. Some of them you’ll never see again, some of them you’ll probably forget even existed, but there’ll be those that will babysit your kids, just make sure it’s the right ones.

It’s been a long journey from sitting in that booth and getting your mug slapped onto a bit of plastic, but you’ve earned the flashy send off. It really is bloody time that you’re leaving, but know that you’re leaving with a whole suitcase and then some of skills, memories and friends that you’ve collected on the way; it’s up to you now to make the most of them.

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