Fashion and beauty deinfluencing – things don’t we need

Social media has told us we need a lot of things, but do we really need them?

Sarah Castledine
13th March 2023
Influencing feels like the newest trend on social media, but already society is ready to cut lot of things out. Deinfluencing has taken social media by storm, calling out products and social media stars for creating a ‘need’ for products that’s most people simply don’t need. Here is a list of products that we – really- don’t need.

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter:
This went absolutely TikTok viral when it first came out, and it was soon being advertised by influencers all over social media. The products quickly became a cult favourite, but holds a price of £39! Fans have been quickly to find dupes from cheaper drugstore brands, highlighting that the name on the products is really what you’re paying for.

Image Credit: Instagram @charlottetilbury

Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over ear Headphones:
These are something I was honestly shocked by when they first came out. Apple Airpods really changed the game with headphones, and I cant image going somewhere without mine. However, I don’t know what world I’d pay £600 for headphones. From reviews, the sound quality isn’t worth the price, and the quality of many apple products tend to decline quickly.


Deinfluencing has called out social media marketing for creating a ‘need’ for products that’s people don’t need

Refilling all household products:
This I am guilty for, because there is something so satisfying about watching someone on TikTok unpack all their cleaning products and put them into pretty containers and make their house look so cute and pinterest. However, for most people this is completely unrealistic and a bit of a waste of time. They look pretty in people’s houses, but to be able to do that for all your items, is extremely expensive and very unneeded. Also, most of the time it doesn’t even decrease the amount of packaging/plastic people consume.

Image Credit: Instagram @musta._.official

Vivienne Westwood Necklaces:
Don’t get me wrong, I do think they are stunning and extremely unique, however I think that’s part of the problem. These necklaces, and more broadly the Westwood style became very hyped and circulated a lot of social media. As the designs are unique and bold they look social media by storm, but as soon as influencers stop wearing them as often, they will become forgotten. And as they’re not the cheapest addition to your jewellery collection, maybe think twice before buying!

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