“Fashion Through the Ages”: Newcastle University’s Fashion Show 2023

Ahead of the NUFS Fashion Show 2023, find out how the committee have been preparing and how you can get involved!

Lana Free
26th April 2023
Inderpal Singh, NUFS 2022 Fashion Show - Image Credit: @nufashion on Instagram
Newcastle University Fashion Society are preparing for their 2023 show, Fashion Through the Ages, which will see the society's interpretations of the most iconic designs from the glamour of the roaring 20s, to the fashion we all know today.

Preparations are well under way for the Newcastle University fashion show this year, with Fashion Society’s committee securing the details as the Easter holidays approach.  The event will be held in the Grand Hall of Discovery Museum - an exquisite art-deco space at the top of the grade II listed Victorian building - and whose architectural details will fabulously compliment the theme of the two clothing collections.  “Fashion Through the Ages” will venture though different decades of style, with one collection containing garments sewn by members of the society and the other from multiple external designers.  The society’s treasurer, Indie Singh, comments:

“Our themes in previous years have been quite broad and open to interpretation, however this year is special due to the magnitude of the theme’s scale. Through breaking down  different decades we can draw focal points to significant movements that are attached to the time periods. There’s a lot more creative potential to be able to explore within this large theme, for me personally I’ll be modelling a design representing the 2000s era. 

Image Credit: Instagram @nufashion_

Personally, I draw a lot of inspiration into my own aesthetic or mindset from this era as there was a great push towards POC appreciation, not only acceptance. Additionally, there are lots of camp and over-the-top y2k aesthetics that just sheds light to the absurdity fashion can reach to. Ultimately, this era just encapsulates the fact that fashion has no boundaries and some of the fashion moments within the era that the public could have deemed questionable just adds another perspective as to what fashion can be perceived as, and what can pave the way for future trends and movements".  

I’m looking forward to creating my piece for the show, and even more excited to see what everyone else produces for their chosen era!

Newcastle University is the place of study for many up-and-coming student designers, the talent of whom will be debuted and celebrated at the university’s fashion event of the year.  Throughout the academic year, a multitude of sewing workshops have been held where students have been busy at work: collaborating, designing, and creating unique pieces to build their personal portfolio and construct a cohesive collection for the show.

Model castings have finally come to a close after being held across first and second semester, with modelling director Carly Horne overseeing the sessions and selecting a diverse range of confident individuals to walk the runway:

“Models are an integral part of bringing everyone’s hard work to life at the fashion show, and so the next few months will be incredibly important in making sure that our models are confident and ready for the show. Over the last few months, I have been privileged to lead some of the casting sessions and to receive submissions from the confident and creative models at Newcastle University and beyond.

Image Credit: Instagram @nufashion_

I had the very difficult task of deciding who would be in this years show over the course of 5 casting sessions, along with other committee members, where we looked for confidence, potential and most importantly - a willingness to take direction on board and to work with others. Our priority over the coming weeks and months will be to decide what designs our models will be best suited for and to make sure everyone’s skills are up to scratch. Most of our models have no previous experience in modelling, so I am incredibly excited to see how people’s confidence and creativity grows in the lead up to this year’s fashion show.

Unfortunately, we are not looking for any further models for the fashion show. However, there may still be opportunities for modelling in editorials. Backstage opportunities are just one of the examples of how members can get involved with the show, which is just as important in ensuring the show runs smoothly!”

Our priority over the coming weeks and months will be to decide what designs our models will be best suited for and to make sure everyone’s skills are up to scratch

One way to get involved will be through photography and videography, as there will be opportunities to capture the models on the runway, behind the scenes of the event, etc, with your work later being used to compliment a plethora of blog posts about the show.  Fashion Society’s blog (https://www.nufashion.org/) will present a backstage insight into the event as well as a more professional roundup of the day and detailed explorations of the collections.  Budding journalists are also welcome to attend and interview the committee, models, and audience for different angles on the production, and take this further by collaborating on - or writing their own - blog post.  An exciting opportunity not to be missed! 

Image Credit: Instagram @nufashion_

The fashion show will take place on Saturday 17th June 2023, and the runway is planned to commence at 2pm; tickets will range from around £15-£30, with front row VIP tickets available for the fashion fanatics.  So if you want to feel like a celebrity, or like Vogue’s editor-in-Chief: Anna Wintour, make sure to head to the NUSU website upon their release to purchase a VIP pass!  Refreshments of both wine and fresh juice will be served upon arrival on the day.

To get involved with the show, come along to the recruitment workshop in March (for makeup, styling, PR and content creation), contact President Tom Lucock at t.e.lucock1@newcastle.ac.uk , or message the society Instagram @nufashion_.

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