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Sally Mu shows us her favourite fashion icons on Instagram and why we should give them a follow ourselves

2nd November 2015

instagram: @kristina_bazanThe glamourous instagrammer Kristina Bazan is my latest style obsession. Her Instagram posts of fashion filled escapades over the globe were made to inspire, and it seems like almost every fashion capital has been marked with her steps. From New York to Paris, this fashionista knows how to pull off street style with little effort. If you fancy the ‘It’ girl look for yourself, then you need look no further than Kristina’s Instagram - the pieces she wears will definitely make it into your closet wish list. The Swiss beauty has a Northern European elegance and luxurious style. Should you wish to emulate her style, look to independent boutiques for a bit of inspo, or Net A Porter if you’re feeling flush. The combination of impressive editorial-quality posts with her style results in the perfect place to mix the fashion game up.

instagram: @susiebubbleS
usie Bubble’s heavy and glossy black fringe has become her most recognisable feature, but her amazing wardrobe full of vintage, high street and designer fashion should really be the star of the show.  As one of thousands of loyal fans on her Instagram, I have been strongly inspired by her self-made and unique ‘more-is-more’ stylings. Also, you can seek out fresh fashion inspiration when Susie heads off travelling to different cities, or great vintage places if you’re after more creative styles. Other faithful followers even include the famous fashion designers Christopher Kane and Nanette Lepore – the dream for any budding fashionista. However, to most people’s eyes, her personal taste comes across as a bit different, and perhaps even ‘ugly.’ Her looks are a mad cacophony of colour, chaotic print and texture. This London fashion maximalist who champions ‘wayward’ young designers has risen and grown to become one of the most influential fashion players on the planet.

instagram: @songofstyle

This young California fashion Instagrammer must have some kind of magical power, with a whopping 2.8m followers, she’s a big hitter across the pond. Almost every photo she posts makes it to the “popular” page, and her photos gather as many as 36,000 likes, not mentioning hundreds and hundreds of comments. The demure dresser’s posts are usually full-body outfits with accessory details and a mix of different styles, with an undertone of Californian chic. This sassy chick is usually found sporting various high end brands; from Louis Vuitton, Zara and Yves Saint Laurent to Dior, Alexander Wang, and Givenchy.  Her Instagram provides a healthy dose of escapism for sun-starved Brits, and more practical inspiration with regards to mix-and-match dressing for her fellow Americans. The incredible range of her photos will no doubt continue to fascinate most of us, so keep your eyes out for her bold and striking looks for a daily dose of fashion inspiration.

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