Favourite Family Gaming Memories

One of our Comment sub-editors discusses her favourite memories of playing games with her family.

Emily Kelso
8th December 2021
Images: Hasbro and Nintendo
Gaming, both traditional and more modern, is a tradition within my family home which I truly cherish. Whether it is losing our respective sanities playing Monopoly or constantly losing to my brother at Battlefront, I always have a laugh and come away feeling closer with my family.
Image: Hasbro

Board games have been a staple in my life since before I can remember – from playing convoluted games such as Mouse Trap to the more simplistic Snakes and Ladders, I enjoyed them all. Trips to my Grandparents was a treat since I’d be able to dig out the board games my dad and uncle played when they were younger and demand a game. My enthusiasm for board games certainly hasn’t died, although today these games tend to revolve between Cluedo, Steal the Crown Jewels, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. I am unsure if my family share the same passion for board games as I do, but they have yet to say no to a game! Playing board games also means selecting music. One afternoon, we only listened to the Wurzels. An odd choice of music and yet it is a fond memory.

LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers on Steam
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Online gaming is a tradition as well, although one I share with my brother instead of the entire family. We were gifted a Wii in our childhood, which resulted in hundreds of hours playing games such as Wii Sports Resort and Lego Star Wars. Most of our games for the Wii were cooperative, we rarely used the console for single player use. Whilst the Wii remotes no longer work, we have since been playing co-op games on the PS4. Battlefront and Lego Avengers have been our go-to games, accompanied by music ranging from Britney Spears to Bruno Mars and Nickelback. Clearly, eclectic music choices and gaming goes hand in hand in my household. It truly makes the gaming experience more memorable. My brother is less fond of gaming nowadays, which makes me treasure all our time playing in the past and present even more; It is a sign of a bond which I care for deeply.

Games of all types mean a lot to me for their ability to bring my family together – I even asked for more board games this year! Regardless of what these games are, I know for a fact they will result in afternoons of chaos and will help create memories for years to come.

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AUTHOR: Emily Kelso
Third year History and Archaeology student. Also a Comment Sub-Editor.

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