Feeling the Heat, Student Style

Anna Jastrzembska answers the never ending question that circulates the toon: how the hell do you keep warm now that Winter is Coming.

2nd November 2015

Let’s be honest- there’s so much better stuff to spend your money on than gas bills. Unfortunately, we don’t live in California and if you think you are cold now, just wait- it’s only the beginning. Last year I had a pleasure in living a truly amazing piece of British architecture and on the rare occasion when the thermostat hit 15 degrees it was a reason for a Hawaii-themed party. Fortunately, there are some ways to make it better.

  1. Drink warm beverages

Drink tea, coffee and hot chocolate none stop. Buy a huge mug to make your trips to kitchen rarer. Just don’t hold your phone over it, I discovered first-hand that smartphones aren’t waterproof. Drink warm water with lemon juice and honey the first thing in the morning – it wakes you up and boosts your immune system. For pre-drinks, try mixing your alcohol of choice with a warm drink. Tea with vodka will keep you nice and warm on your way to Tiger and it doesn’t taste like alcohol, which is always a plus.

“Become a pet or babysitter and get paid to sit in a nicely heated flat”

  1. Layer up

Your house isn’t a catwalk and your housemates will surely understand why you’re looking like yeti. The more layers, the better. Two jumpers is for a walk to uni, three plus a dressing robe is a home standard. Wool is your new best friend, especially nice, thick socks. Wear a beanie at all times- mum was telling you the truth, most of the heat really escapes through your head.






3. Make a fort

It doesn’t take an architecture student, it’s fun and it’s always easier to warm up a small space. Team up with a friend and have a film marathon inside. If you don’t feel like making an elaborate construction, just pile up all blankets and pillows into a nice nest on your bed. Add a laptop with Netflix, a huge mug of tea and snacks, and you are justified to stay there forever.

  1. Eat spicy food

If it doesn’t heat you up, it’s not spicy enough. However tempting it wouldn’t be, don’t order takeaway every night- the whole thing is about saving money! Buy chili spice and add it to everything you cook (within reason, though chili chocolate-chip pancakes might be interesting). My personal favourite is rice with veggies and a good pinch of chili flakes. Cheap, easy and filling!

“Tea with vodka will keep you nice and warm on your way to Tiger”

5. Exercise

Cold makes us lazier, but get your muscles working! Have a Twister or yoga house night, spend some one-to-one time with your other half or just do ten jumping jacks after waking up. Define it however you want, but make it physical. There is a lot of sport taster sessions happening at NUSU, so it might be a good excuse to try salsa or karate.

  1. Get out of the house

Just face it – possibly anywhere is warmer than your house. Join societies. Go visit your friends, maybe they have better insulation. Become a pet- or babysitter and get paid to sit in a nicely heated flat. As a last resort, Robbo is open 24/7 and unless it’s exam period no one will mind you sitting on a top floor and Facebook-stalking (there is a film library there, too!).


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