Fencers: Redeemed

In another high quality performance, the Blades outclassed their opposition to redeem themselves for last year's Stan Calvert defeat

Wise Lim
28th February 2017
Fencers seal a seamless victory

Stan Calvert has always been a long-awaited fencing match between Northumbria and Newcastle. Although it’s always been an even game between the two universities, it’s never made the matches any less tense for the spectators.

This year was thought to be no different, with most of Newcastle’s fencing club supporters turning up to spectate and perhaps cheer for Newcastle’s team.

It did not bode well when Killian from the Men’s first team sprained his ankle a fortnight ago, and was unable to turn up to the BUCS’ individuals championship, alongside Katy from Women’s firsts after having injured her coccyx. It was made worse with Ellie having been admitted into A&E for 7 hours just a day before.

hours in A&E for Ellie Irwin just a day before

However, hopes were high and it was tangible with Newcastle fencers turning up in Stan Calvert t-shirts which sported the slogan ‘Northumbria Uni: disappointing parents since 1969’.

From the off, it was clear that Newcastle had had the edge. Both the women and men’s first teams decided to fence epee first, which was one of the easier weapons to ref, as if two hits occurred simultaneously, two points for both teams would be registered respectively. It was a clear win for Newcastle, with 45-17 and 45-22 to Newcastle’s men and women respectively.

That was followed by sabre for men (really tricky weapon to referee – Redbull has even done study to show that a sabre match is equivalent to the first few starting seconds of an accelerating Ferrari), and foil for women. It was another clinched victory, with men scoring 45-7 and women 45-17. It was worth nothing that Katy was rather frustrated at this point, as her coccyx injury was acting up again and she was seen to be shouting in angst whenever she lost a point.

"Newcastle had won an easy victory"

Last but not least, the men went up against Northumbria for a foil match and the women sabre, even though none of the women’s team were sabreurs at heart.

Unsurprisingly, the men won 45-13 and the women 45-16 – which had meant that Newcastle had won an easy victory of 135-42 and 135-49 for the men and women respectively against the Northumbria. It tasted like sweet victory and Newcastle had finally been able to redeem themselves after a close loss against Northumbria just a year before.

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