Fenty have done it again: Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette review

Fenty are back at it again with a new highlight palette. Clarissa O'Neill talks their new release.

Clarissa O'Neill
22nd October 2018
Instagram @fentybeauty

Fenty have done it again. The brand have launched their ‘Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette’. This is a fabulous product and is definitely worth the hype. It's not only a unique product and completely different to other items on the market, but - more importantly - the quality is outstanding. It was launched as part of Rihanna's ‘Chill Owt Holiday Collection’, so it’s perfect for taking away with you and helping boost that summer glow you're desperately trying to hold onto.

[pullquote]The Killawatt Foils keeps the skin glowing, especially with its weightless long wear formula. [/pullquote]

The packaging is something else. It is beautiful, with a smart iridescent sleeve, paired with a holographic sheen that is comprised by all the different colours within the palette. It is in a hexagon shape, which Fenty is known for, making it perfectly compliment the whole collection. This palette contains seven of Fenty’s super famous highlight formulas, with shades ranging from icey blue to fiery copper. This palette allows you to be so versatile, which is great when you are investing in makeup, as you can get the most out of the products. You can use these on your cheeks, your eyes, or anywhere that you want to glow. These formulas are intensely pigmented, and really are gorgeous! They have a hyper-metallic finish, which is perfect to make your highlight ‘pop’. The tones within the palette are super fun and would be great for a festival look, a bold look, or even if you just want to play around and have fun with some colour. They are made more unique by their easy application that requires a fluffy brush, or a finger - tip. To introduce the product, Rihanna announced she's “never been afraid of a little colour and I love highlighting with these. I like to layer the colours and blend from my cheeks to my eyes to my temples.”

They all have a glittery glaze, which you can see when swatching the product. It has been argued that the product is more pigmented with a swatch, so when applying with a brush the product is less intense. This allows you to have the best of both worlds, as there is the option to either be subtle with your makeup or create a more intense look. What always works best with powered products when wanting to create a strong pigmentation is wetting your brush which enables the hyper-metallic product to be seen more. The Killawatt Foils keeps the skin glowing, especially with its weightless long wear formula. It’s a cream-powder consistency allows the product to instantly melts into skin. It’s loaded with extra fine, ultra-smooth shimmer to make all your hyper-metallic gleams come true. Another perk of the product is that it includes a range of frost-inspired shades, which are designed to make all skin tones pop. Fenty has always been known for its vast array of colours in order to appeal to all skin types. Moreover, all these products are 100% cruelty free, which renders this brand as current, appealing to a wider and eco-concerned consumer.

It is priced at £42, defining itself as a more luxury product, although fully worth the purchase. You can do this online from the official website, but you will have some custom fees to pay. So, just pop into a Harvey Nichols or order online from them instead, as they're the UK stockist for Fenty Beauty.

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