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Following news that @fentybeautycosmetics was a hoax Beauty Ed Miranda Stoner updates us on the brands future plans

6th March 2017

Following the recent news that the new Instagram account @FentyBeautyCosmetics was a hoax, there was a great sense of disappointment among make-up and Rihanna fans alike. We have all watched Rihanna’s unique style develop over the years and there is no doubt that she could bring something fresh to the cosmetics industry. The holographic lip of her s/s 17 runway show being just one example. However, don’t give up hope of the young star involving herself further with the make-up industry. Whilst the official looking Fenty Beauty page has been taken off Instagram, there has been substantial proof from the representatives of Fenty beauty that a make-up line is on the horizon for autumn 2017.

It is being kept highly secret but what we do know is that Fenty is being led by the one and only make-up artist James Vincent in a hunt for the best global make-up artists. Vincent writes in an Instagram post “As always, Rihanna does things differently and is looking to build a diverse team of the best artists in the business. We will be hitting three major makeup cities and hold Open Interviews to find the artist and artists whose talent, drive and personality make them the right person for the position and separate them from the pack,” This creates a very promising picture of the autumn runway show and future campaigns of the brand.

Vincent continues “By opening this up the our larger makeup community we hope to build a diverse team of beauty experts who excel in the areas of artistry, elevated education, makeup experience and have an ability to best represent a brand. This non-traditional interview process levels the playing field and allows artists everywhere an opportunity and have their work seen and be considered for a global position for a dynamic new brand.”

Rihanna’s previous experience in the make-up industry are her December 2013 collaboration with MAC. This included some very understated eyeshadow shades performing a balancing act with the renamed RiRi Woo and a fuschia pink shade of lipstick. The product where you can really find love though is her third lipstick bullet named Bad Girl RiRI- although MAC no longer stock the collection this dreamy nude plum shade can be replaced by elf’s Praline. As well as 3 further MAC instalments and a perfume collection.

Yet, it is not her make-up collaborations that make her the beauty style icon she is regarded as today- rather the way she styles herself on and off the red-carpet. Her face has met some bold options- such as blue lipstick and the incomparable neon pink lip and smudged grunge eyeliner combination. A point of envy for many a girl though is Rihanna’s hair. Its adaptability is incredible. Not just the colour but the cut seems to rarely appear the same in the space of one week. She’s styled it long and curly; long and straight; black with brown highlights, cropped, wild, red; the list goes on. It is this daring range of looks which sets Rihanna apart from her artist contemporaries and why I believe that if and when she does release a beauty line it will be aside from the current trends and breathe a fresh breeze into a saturated industry. 

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