Festival Beauty

Festival season is fast approaching. Sophie Hindhaugh talks us through her favourite products and looks for this summer.

Sophie Hindhaugh
14th May 2018
Image Credit: @angelalvarado (Instagram)

Festivals are a conundrum. The best festival make-up looks are the ones that appear effortless, yet are actually more extra than your normal make-up routine or even a face full of glam. This is because festivals open up a whole new window of make-up opportunities for you to play with– including glitter (not just for your eyes), gemstones, more exposed skin (so body make-up is a must!) and more minimalistic looks such as graphic or coloured liner (or both?). So, I thought I’d provide you with a list of my definitive festival make-up looks and products.


THE OG - Glitter: Glitter is a festival staple and not only that; it’s cheap as well. Ebay do wonderful types of glitter and have the biggest range you will find, and due to its price, you can use it liberally all over your body too. Consider using it in your hair (along with festival appropriate space buns and hair chalk) or, if you prefer to play it safe, opt for the classic cheekbone placement:

Gemstones: I was only introduced to this trend last year, after seeing The Gypsy Shrine (who do an excellent selection of gemstones) go viral on Instagram.  Gemstones manage to be even bolder than glitter, and can be quite literally placed anywhere. I’ve seen everything from gemstones on the booty to being the perfect censor for your nipples. If you’re feeling more conservative, simply wear whatever top you were planning and place the gemstones in the exposed area, such as along your collarbones. But, if you want to take it up a notch, the gemstone bra is definitely something to look at. For the really brave-hearted, covering your behind with gems is (apparently) this year’s biggest festival trend.

Exposed skin: If that’s all a bit too much for you, then simply accentuating your own skin is an effective way to channel your inner Coachella babe.  Remember to exfoliate, tan and moisturize your skin so you have the perfect base to begin contouring it and making it glow. Run your bronzer under your collar bones and the top part of the shape of your chest, to achieve a perfect looking décolletage. After that, either go ham with your highlighter across your collar bones or add a sprinkle of glitter for a golden glow that will photograph beautifully. Remember to highlight in between your breasts if wearing plunge top, as that will accentuate the shape and make your skin look glowing. The products I would recommend for this include the Fenty Bodylava, as well as the cheaper and more affordable Barry M Tahitian Tan.

Graphic liner: And if this is all too much effort, but you do want to do something a little different, then your eyeliner is your friend. Perfect for waking up in a tent, looking in your tiny compact and doing- graphic liner is the way for the truly effortless lazy chick. Simply dot your eyeliner once under your eyes, or add a few to the end of your wing. This simple look is sexy and cool, as exemplified by Zoe Kravitz. You can always try your own spin on any of these looks- by changing up the colour of your eyeliner, by adding gemstones and glitter to god knows where (just keep it away from anything internal, please) and by experimenting with hairstyles you could never wear any other day. It’s a festival- have fun with it and get those perfect Instagram shots!

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