Festive football fits: The best Christmas clobber for football fans

Some of the 'best' sporty Christmas jumpers.

Imogen Smillie
21st December 2022
Image: Twitter @feroze17
Around the festive season, how can sports fans show their Christmas cheer? Time to bring out the classic Christmas jumper, but with a twist!

Getting a head start on my Christmas shopping recently, and everywhere you look, there's another festive sweater. But if you're sports mad, and more of a Grinch, there are always specific designs to trick an onlooker into thinking you're in the festive spirit.

With the Qatar World Cup currently underway (Come on England!), shops up and down the high street have taken the opportunity to make some money. In Primark, not only do they have remakes of the classic England strip, but also the Three Lions among snowflakes, letting you wrap up warm as you listen to Mariah Carey and watch the quarter finals!

BooHoo Man also capitalised on the situation creating many different styles of Christmas jumper, despite not being as stylish as their usual clothing line.

A Newcastle United themed Christmas jumper (Image: Twitter @alocalradgie)

Of course we should mention an NUFC cosy jumper to wrap up warm in this Northeast weather. Castore, the creators of their kit, have added some sweaters to their collection... for the fans obviously. Looking quite subdued and almost smart, this might be the perfect sweater to keep on supporting the lads on this Premier League break.

Despite the World Cup taking over this year, it isn't for everyone, and it's time to show your spirit both in and out of the sporting season. Formula 1 have been a little more subtle in their attempt at Christmas - with a stylish jumper, bearing the F1 logo surrounded by simple Christmas themed patterns. Again, perhaps allowing those who aren't really into the classic Christmas dress up to show even a little festive cheer!

Castore have also got one for the England Cricket fans. After their win at the T20 World Cup earlier on this year, this winter might be the perfect time to don this manic patterned jumper. I love the little touches of the cricket bats in the classic festive pattern, but others may find it a little cheesy.

For other sports, or specific teams, I suggest heading straight to Etsy. They may not be as cheap as those you find in Primark, but they have everything under the winter sun, and also possibly hand-made! So whether you're wrapping up by the Christmas tree to watch the football, or finding solice at the pub dreaming of the cricket, there's a sporty Christmas sweater for you!

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