Fictional schools we thankfully didn't attend

At least your schools weren't like these

Tilly Williams
6th October 2020
Credit: IMDb
Every child has often dreamt of receiving their letter to Hogwarts, a school for witchcraft and wizardry, or being sent to Enid Blyton's Mallory Towers, but not every school has been so idealistic.

From what we know about Natasha Romanoff in the MCU, we’ve only just seen a glimpse at what her school has been like. A school where they train up young girls in Russia to become assassins, such intense training that some girls don’t make it. But even if you make it through the school, upon graduating, each girl is made infertile at the ceremony.

Credit: IMDb

Another school which focuses on leaving it’s students infertile is the magic school from The Witcher which Yennefer attends. Unlike Hogwarts, failing at spells will cause permanent disfigurement, being struck by lightning and then, if the young witch has failed too much, she is turned into an electric eel. The girls which ‘ascend’ (graduate) receive a surgery which will not only make them beautiful, but involves the removal of the uterus.

If you ever think about transferring to Liberty High, you might want to say your goodbyes

13 Reasons Why has always shown a bleak depiction of high school, with actors far too old to be students. As the show progresses into the final season, it gets a lot worse than the school not being able to help its suicidal student, Hannah Baker. We learn that there is a clubhouse where the football team routinely assault girls and there are (male only) guards searching every student who enters the building.

Credit: IMDb

Alongside this, there are officers patrolling the corridors, ones who favour the white students. The school also has countless displays of violence, vandalism, pranks which are anything but funny, alongside cars being set on fire and a very low mortality rate for students. If you ever think about transferring to Liberty High, you might want to say your goodbyes, as the screenwriters love to kill just about anyone off for the shock factor.

There are many more schools in the media which depict maybe the worst practises a school could have, but at least they make us thankful. Even if your schools had unfair rules or horrible teachers, at least you’ve made it out alive, and without having your uterus removed.

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