Fight Night Re-Opens with a Bang

A rundown of the best clashes at the November Fight Night.

Mitchell Hall
29th November 2021
Image credit: Twitter: @NCLStudentNight
After a year in Covid purgatory, Fight Night burst back onto the scene with its first show on Nov 18th. It featured a 14-fight card across a variety of weight classes and skill levels. The high-octane energy at the event was present from the first to the last strike, with focus now preparing to shift towards their next show on December 2nd. Here’s a rundown of the highlights of the evening, with coverage of the event available to watch now on NUTV’s YouTube channel.
Boxer of the Night: Kevon Kelly

There is one singular performance, one moment, that resounded through the venue and pops into my head when I think of the evening. Touted to be the fight of the event even before the ring walks, George Armstrong VS Kevon “Bruckshot” Kelly lived up to the billing. An aggressive start from George Armstrong was deftly charged down by Kevon Kelly, who ended the fight in seconds with a massive punch that threw Armstrong’s mouthguard across the ring. Armstrong hit the deck immediately, completely out cold, to constitute the night's only pure KO.

Women’s Fight of the Night: Both

As much of a cop-out as this may seem, both fights brought a ferocity that was truly entertaining to watch. A tempo that was kept up throughout the 3 rounds of each fight, they mirrored each other in aggression and featured some nasty strikes from all 4 fighters. All that was missing was a knockout, but the relentless nature of the fights cemented them to me as highlights of the evening.

Men’s Fight of the Night: Samuel Luntley VS Gabriel Lee

Perhaps the most controversial choice of mine on this list, I loved watching this fight. The third bout of the event really kicked things into gear, with Gabriel “The Amber Leaf Annihilator” Lee drawing some of the best support of the night after a fantastic first-round performance. Samuel “The Professor” Luntley however was resurgent in the second, causing an injury that resulted in Lee’s nose spewing blood for the remainder of the fight. This of course only electrified the crowd further and the final round was a brawl that would certainly determine the result of the fight. The stakes, the energy, the brutality, this fight had all the key ingredients of a great boxing match, with Luntley ultimately emerging victorious.

Mentions go out to Belgrave VS Hoskyns, Forrester VS Le Roux and Spence VS Morton who all put on fantastic showings on the night.

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