Fine Art Department: Postcard auction

Alice Kirkland gives an overview of what can be expected from the event.

7th December 2015

Newcastle University’s Fine Art department will be holding a ‘Postcard’ auction on Friday 4th December. The annual auction is organised by final year students in order to raise funds for their degree show in June to showcase their work and is later taken to London during the summer. I managed to speak to the organisers of the auction who told me: “This year we have an amazing line-up. Everyone and anyone can get involved in buying works by both students and big names like Quentin Blake. We’re so excited for the auction, it’s going to be the best one yet.”

Although the majority of the artwork is of postcard size, some larger pieces of art have also been donated to the auction. The collection includes work from both Fine Art Newcastle students themselves as well as internationally recognised artists from around the globe. This year, the auction has managed to attract the attention and support from the likes of Quentin Blake, ∅rnulf Opdahl, Allen Jones RA, Maggi Hambling CBE, and Mali Morris RA. ∅rnulf Opdahl’s work ‘Aurora Borealis’ is a particularly fantastic donation. Opdahl is one of the most important painters working in Scandinavia at the moment and has featured in the Queen of Norway’s private collection.

The event will begin at 5pm with a drinks reception where visitors will be able to have a look at all the different artwork on display. The silent auction will begin at 6pm, later followed by a live auction at 7.30pm where larger works will be sold. Bidding paddles will be available on entry and purchased work will be able to be collected on the night of the event or at a later date. For those unable to attend the event but are interesting in making a purchase, online bidding is available prior to the event and will close at 10pm on Thursday 3rd December.

This will be a great event and a fantastic opportunity to buy a range of art from both international and local artists as well as Newcastle students, tutors and alumni.

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