Flaring up the issues with wide legged trousers

Chloe House flares up all the issues that come with the wide-legged trouser trend.

Chloe House
22nd October 2018
Instagram: @flarestreet

In the age of skinny jeans, wide trousers only bring ‘unflattering’ and ‘unknown territory’ to mind. The notoriety of the wide legged trouser is challenged in this article, helping to confirm that you can be comfortable as well as stylish and sophisticated.

It’s a no brainer that a black top is compatible with any outfit, and is a perfect match for the wide legged trouser. A tighter black long sleeve top, such as a polo-neck or plain black long-sleeved T-shirt can work perfectly, as it tightens the top half against the wider trouser leg. The contrast between the two disguises the bagginess of the trouser as the top half can balance this out. The colour black also works effectively as it naturally flatters, helping to even out the baggy level of the outfit as the top half is more accentuated.

[pullquote]You can get your fix of denim without the uncomfortable feeling of the classic skinny jean[/pullquote]

The wide legged trouser can also fit favourably with a cropped jacket, as the cropped style highlights the smaller part of your waist, erasing looking frumpy and adds a look of flattery. A cropped bomber could also work perfectly, or even a shorter jumper for colder days. This jumper doesn’t need to be tight, but a cropped/shorter style means one part of your body is pulled in, allowing the outfit to show your shape and accentuate your top half.

Wide legged trousers always do the talking as a statement piece of clothing, so you never really need to fuss about the top half of the outfit. As long as you have a plain and slightly cropped top, jumper or jacket, you’re ready to go. Wide trousers are also great because they come in so many colours, not only providing the opportunity to add an easy pop of colour to your outfit, but making it look like you made an effort even if you didn’t.

Wide legged jeans are also great, as you can get your fix of denim without the uncomfortable feeling of the classic skinny jean. White wide legged jeans are great with a denim or light blue shirt that can be tucked in, and are perfect for stretching you outside your comfort zone as they match amazingly with more daunting colours such as yellow and orange. If you are looking to smarten a pair of wide legged trousers for a night out, a plain cami is great, and no need to use a cropped one, just tuck it into the wide trousers and you’re all set. Worried about the outfit being plain? If the trousers have belt loops, pop a belt round, adding dimension and accentuation to your outfit.

Wide legged trousers additionally leave considerable options for shoe choice. White trainers always look great for a more casual look, and finding cropped wide legged trousers allow space for high tops such as Converses. If you prefer boots, heeled boots are great with a wide legged trouser or jean as this gives you height and pulls your legs up, making your legs look longer. If wanting to make your outfit smarter, pair the wide legged trouser with some simple black heels and you’re ready to hit the town.


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