Food trends to try in 2020

Maria Olender discusses the food trends sure to take off over the coming year.

Maria Olender
10th February 2020
The new year is a perfect opportunity to try something new. Why wouldn’t you make your diet more exciting and challenge yourself to try something new? Take look at the 2020 food trends to try and get inspired. 


According to Waitrose, Brits are eating less and less meat than before, and more people are planning to reduce meat consumption over the next years. If you're already eating less meat and fish, why not challenge yourself this year and go fully vegan? 

There are more plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy than ever. Try Vegan Sausage Roll and Vegan Stake Bake in Greggs, enjoy your favourite latte with oat milk, try plant-based burger in Byron and Burger King, Meatless Meatball sandwich in Subway. Almost every restaurant has at least one plant-based option! Being vegan has never been easier!


Can't imagine eating only plants? Don’t worry! Take the flexitarian approach to eating and have some meat-free days a week. Take the best of both worlds and enjoy vegan and non-vegan food. 

Less waste food 

Did you know that the UK is on top of the food-wasting countries in Europe, throwing away million’s tonnes of food every year? Why not be more conscious about food waste this year? Not only will it help the planet, but also your wallet. 

Bring your own bags, bottles, jars and other refillable containers to the stores. Buy local, unpacked food. Unpacked retail is said to appear more often in 2020. Look out for the changes in your local Waitrose that’s killing the game introducing pick ‘n’ mix frozen veg, pasta dispensers, and tap beer. 

Remember that you don’t have to make our own food all the time if you want to produce less waste this year. Use apps such as Too good to go and NoFoodWasted and pay 3£ for a meal often worth around 10£! Enjoy a meal from Yo Sushi, Pizza Punks, Leila Lily's (and many more!) and keep food waste low!


I bet most of you have heard of the charcuterie board. Originally from France, a platter filled with meats, cheeses, olives and more, but why not try seacuterie (seafood charcuterie) this year? 

Waitrose's Food and Drink Report predicts increased popularity in this Australian coming trend. Let's leave meet and cheese and switch to pickling, fermenting, smoking or aging seafood! Seacuterie is fresh, healthy and ideal to share with friends. 

According to Waitrose, more and more chefs in UK will experiment with this trend, so look out for those options in your favourite restaurants!


No matter if you're vegan, flexitarian or carnivore you will love Levantine food! In 2020 try dishes from Levant- region that geographically encapsulates Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine with influences from North Africa and Turkey. 

Levantine cuisine offers you so much to try from hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh to fadi, pencar, hammera. Use simple ingredients such as chickpeas, tahini, aubergine, peppers, zucchini, olives, pomegranates, mint, lemon, and pita bread. Enjoy grilled whitebait, squid, yogurt dips, harrisa paste and a range of meat dishes- cubed, skewered, roasted and grilled chicken or grilled skewers of beef with a tahini-based, lemon, and garlic tarator sauce.

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