Foody Foddy: Viva Brazil

Resident foodie Emma Foddy embraced her inner Carnival when she checked out Viva Brazil.

15th February 2016

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon Viva Brazil after a bad experience at a nearby restaurant, which led to us leaving in search of somewhere else to rescue the night. I won’t go into it now but we had to abandon our starters and down our wine. I might rant about it in a future review!! Anyway, we left the first restaurant in poor spirits and ran down Grey Street in the rain, by now extremely grumpy and desperate to find an alternative.

We were attracted to Viva Brazil by the fact that it offers the opportunity to try fifteen different meats (fifteen!) and, what’s more, it’s all-you-can-eat. We were met by a very enthusiastic waiter who explained their system, which I will attempt to summarise... There is an all-you-can-eat buffet area serving all sorts of Brazilian delicacies, including sweet potato wedges, black beans and deep-fried bananas, which were surprisingly delicious. I’d advise you not to go too crazy here (unless you’re a machine with a bottomless stomach), because the meat is also unlimited and that’s where the quality is. The meats are brought over one at a time on a skewer, sizzling hot and straight out the open kitchen. The portions they give you per piece are quite small, but you can always ask for more and remember you have a total of fifteen types to try!

There’s a disc on every table. If you place it green-side up, it indicates to the waiters that you’d like them to bring you more meat. Red-side up indicates you’re done or would like to take a break.   

"Viva Brazil is a unique experience, fun and perfect for social events"

I have to say we found the system a little slow at first, however this might have been because my boyfriend was using the disc as a beer mat. Not helpful. However, as the evening progressed, they were brought over more frequently until they were bringing one straight after another. There is a piece of paper that has all the different types of meat written on it and the waiters stamp the ones you have tried. This doesn’t mean to say you can’t have them again, it’s just so you know what you are eating! Some examples are pork with parmesan, smoked gammon, leg of lamb and various cuts of steak. My favourite was the cap of rump, which is served rare and utterly melt in the mouth. Caramelised pineapple coated in cinnamon is brought over at the end. Alternatively, you can request it between meats as a palate cleanser! It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever tasted. I cut it into tiny bits to make it last longer and savoured every mouthful. It is sweet, sugary and juicy, with the added bonus of being slightly healthy.

Viva Brazil is a unique experience, fun and perfect for social events. People were coming in just to drink at the bar, clearly enjoying soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. It is, as you’d expect, a little expensive. It would have been out of our price-range at £24.95 per person for dinner (-it is cheaper at lunch and there are some less pricey alternatives available!) However, with a taste card it was £24.95 between the two of us, making it more affordable.

If you are an avid meat-eater and want to experience something a little different, Foody Foddy recommends. The meat was of an exceptional quality and the atmosphere was light-hearted and relaxed. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; we couldn’t have stumbled across a better restaurant!

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