Formidable Wins for Newcastle's Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

Find out how the incredible Newcastle Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team got on.

Leyla Ferrand
10th December 2021
Image credit: Twitter: @NewcastlePies
After a year-long hiatus, the Newcastle Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team launched into their first BUCS outdoor tournament of the year, hosted in Cochrane Park on the 20th of November. In two 70 minute games, first against Sheffield and then York, the team crushed the opening of the year’s outdoor tournament, winning 12-3 and 15-0. 

The basic rules of Ultimate Frisbee are straightforward. The field is split into three parts, with the two end zones being the areas in which points are scored. The team in possession of the disc must catch the frisbee in the opposite end zone. Those holding the frisbee cannot run with it, and therefore it is a dynamic game relying heavily on communication, running and handling. 

A mixture of both experienced and newer players, the BUCS tournament offered an opportunity for building self-confidence and gelling the team. Led by captain, Izzy Retout, the women’s team relied predominantly on zone defence, wherein there are designated spaces in which players defend rather than specific people. However, considering the windy conditions, they were adaptable to match mark or change up their offensive strategies to earn their formidable wins. 

The Women’s Team now heads into Indoor Regionals on the 27th and 28th of November in Nottingham.

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