Fortnite account merging incoming

James Troughton reports on a welcomed development in Fortnite's online features.

James Troughton
25th February 2019
Image Credit: IGDB

Recently, Sony opened the door to cross-platform-play for the number one battle-royale, Fortnite. This allowed for PlayStation users to play with their friends on other platforms such as the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch but, due to the length of time it took for Sony to finally allow Epic Games use of this feature, a lot of players had already created secondary accounts. This presented an issue as some players had spent money on their secondary accounts in order to gain v-bucks, the in-game currency.

In an effort to aid users who had created two accounts, Epic Games implemented an account merging system with four main requirements which are as follows: one account must have played on the Xbox One or Switch whilst the other must have been played on the PlayStation 4; the accounts must have been played before September 28th 2018; either account must still be enabled, without any bans, and players must have access to both of their accounts’ emails.

One thing that will not be shared between the two accounts is the progress made in Save the World

When merging the accounts, players will have to wait two weeks for the in-game items and v-bucks to be transferred. One thing that will not be shared between the two accounts is the progress made in Save the World but, luckily, players will gain access to their llamas, defenders, heroes, schematics, survivors, XP, evolution and perk materials.

All of this information along with the merging process can be found on Epic Games’ website. The merging process is extremely well-designed and simple to do so long as you have access to the details for both accounts.

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