Fortnite gets a new vehicle

James Troughton gives us the latest about the Quadcrasher, the newest vehicle added to Fortnite.

James Troughton
29th October 2018
Image Credit: IGDB

Fortnite, the incredibly successful Battle Royale by Epic Games, only had two vehicles: the golf-cart and the trolley. However, a new vehicle is coming to the game and it not only sports a fantastic appearance but also some features that make it very useful in tearing apart players’ structures.

The Quadcrasher can boost through the air and tear through any built surface - be it wood, metal or brick. Much like the trolley, it holds up to two players allowing for one to drive and the other to shoot which is incredibly useful should your duo, or team, get into a gun-fight.

There is also an update to the map as they have created a racetrack located in Junk Junction

Should you desire to speed up,because you’re running away from other players or avoiding the circle, boosting can be acquired when driving. The person mantling the chaotic quad-bike can then use the stored energy at the press of a button, making this hectic vehicle even faster.

In true Epic Games fashion, there is also an update to the map as they have created a racetrack located in Junk Junction that appears to be designed for the Quadcrasher. This means that you can take the new vehicle for a spin and try out the controls. Should you be lucky enough to come across players who also want to race, perhaps you can give this a try. Good luck not getting backstabbed, shot or smacked with a pick-axe if you try, though.

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