Four mutliplayer video games to get you and your mates through lockdown 2

Lewis Webster and Oren Brown bring you the four best multiplayer games to play with your friends right now.

Lewis Webster
20th November 2020
Whilst in the midst of another national lockdown, social interaction with friends is becoming a challenge once again. Worry not, though; we’ve compiled four of the very best online multiplayer games for you and your friends to sink your teeth into over the next month, accessible to both hardcore audiences and those just looking to pass the time. Whether it be deceiving each other as murderous imposters or crafting your survival through familiar blocky worlds, there are plenty of light-hearted options to pave you through until December.

Among Us

Among Us has swifty rose to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic. Engaging for all audiences, it is the perfect party game to kill the time with, especially as we all prepare to stay cooped up indoors for the next month. The game features up to 10 players who are placed upon a spaceship, carrying out minigame-like tasks to maintain vital reserves such as oxygen and fuel. 

Up to three players, however, can be given the role of the imposter; it is their job to sabotage the other players and ultimately kill the entire crew to secure victory. By using air vents and sabotaging vital equipment, impostors can quickly move around the ship and kill innocent crewmates. Among Us quickly becomes an intense game of “who-done-it”, as crewmates scramble to complete their tasks while avoiding the murderous wrath of the anonymous imposters. 

Among Us is a simple but creatively clever concept that is worth getting stuck into, even for hours on end.

With each body that is discovered, players are called into a meeting where they are given the opportunity to discuss key events in an effort to discover the identity of the imposter and successfully eject them from the ship. But be warned: even innocent crewmates can be ejected. In this instance, comparing alibis quickly becomes a deep aspect of the gameplay, as crewmates will want to avoid falling victim to the lies of the impostor while keeping their story straight. In a game all about acting, it is great to try and exploit the traits of your friends to create convincing scenarios.

Among Us is a simple but creatively clever concept that is worth getting stuck into, even for hours on end. Better still, it is free on mobile so anybody can get involved. There are also new maps, skins and pets coming in the near future.

Jackbox Party Pack

For the last six years Jackbox Games have curated a series of hilarity-inducing party video games on PC and home consoles. With seven packs to choose from, each containing five games, there is an abundance of fun to be had with friends. The activities range from simple ‘make eachother laugh’ question prompts in Quiplash, to devious untruths and misdirection in Fibbage all the way to Pictionary-esque drawing shenanigans in Drawful - and those are just some of the less wacky concepts. The games often involve voting for the best or funniest response, so expect some laughs and some friendly competition.

With seven packs to choose from, each containing five games, there is an abundance of fun to be had with friends.

Whilst the game may have initially been intended as an in-person activity, it is extremely easy to stream to friends through screen-share apps like Discord or Twitch, meaning the games can go on even in the midst of a lockdown. It's a low-stress, low-effort setting that is probably as close as you can get to hanging out in person through a video game - and as an added bonus, only one of you has to buy it, the rest can play free!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has undoubtedly been one of the biggest games during this pandemic. With its unique combination of the Party and Battle Royale genres, Fall Guys is a game that anyone can pick up and play. 

Players take control of the eponymous Fall Guys, weirdly cute, round jelly bean-like beings with rag-doll physics. Rounds begin with 60 players who fight to ultimately be the last Fall Guy standing. These rounds take place in the form of several minigames including survival, race, logic and memory and team games.

While a team-party function is yet to be incorporated into the game, it is still hilarious to join rounds with friends and pit against each other to go for the crown. You can even channel your inner demon and team-up with one another to grab other players and knock them off of stages to their death. The game has recently received a season two update that adds a mixture of new minigames and costumes, meaning there has never been a better time to dive head first into what Fall Guys has to offer. 


To round the list off, we call on a modern classic. Yes, it’s a game designed for children. No, that won’t stop me from playing it until 4am during reading week. No matter your age, there are few experiences that match up to kicking back with a few friends on a Minecraft server and taking on the world together. Whether you just want to relax and build to your heart’s content or to set yourself a difficult long-term challenge, there is something for everyone on Minecraft.

If you are revisiting the game for the first time in years, you will also find that it has been extensively updated in your absence. With a great deal of new content to discover, as well as the well-preserved nostalgia of old activities, this childhood favourite will offer countless hours of entertainment if you allow yourself to get hooked back in.

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