Fresh Meat: the quintessential student binge watch

Quirky, funny, and relatable - Fresh Meat remains relevant years after its release

Olivia Carter
21st September 2022
Arguably the most accurate portrayal of university life, Fresh Meat transforms weak stereotypical genre hooks into something interesting and relatable, creating an engaging, refreshing yet typical representation of university life, whilst remaining amusing and outlandish.

The show follows the student housemates of 28 Hartnell Avenue in Manchester. The main characters are somewhat relatable and familiar to student life. Kingsley is a typical poser, trying to fit in but not quite succeeding whilst Vod is a self-assured ‘cool’ girl who knows what she wants much to everyone’s fear. Oregon/Melissa is a nice and smart girl who uses university as an excuse to revamp her image. JP (played by Jack Whitehall in his debut role), whilst definitely being the most jarring but equally comedic character, embodies the stereotypical role of a posh “lad” that everyone will likely encounter during their time in studies.

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Although the last episode aired in 2016, Fresh Meat remains relevant for every UK university student rendering it a quintessential binge watch for freshers and existing students alike. Despite boasting four seasons, the show remains particularly humble and never fails to breach reality; there are no over the top experiences that the characters have that couldn’t be shared by that of anyone living at university and any stereotypical moments that occur within the show are presented in a very self aware way, often played off for laughs. 

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Fresh Meat presents a mixture of genres, from drama to comedy; leaving something for everyone, reverting back to its relative nature and universal freshness. Whilst comedy is a main focus throughout the show, there is equally a lot of drama to sink your teeth into. One of the more outlandish storylines across the show’s run is Oregon’s secretive relationship with her own professor, Tony Swales. Whilst this is an extreme situation, Fresh Meat handles it in a way that never feels uncomfortable or exploitative given the clear age gap and the off limits situation that unfolds.

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Despite the torturous situations of the main characters, Fresh Meat is never distastefully cruel or patronising in anyway. The final season, in particular, whilst remaining comedic throughout, lays bare the struggles and anxieties regarding the economy, the job market, capitalism and even the university system itself. 

Fresh Meat is now available on Netflix; it is an unapologetically conducted, amusing show about, if not growing into a better person, becoming a person in the first place - that is all a university student can hope for. 

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  1. I love that you have highlited this, I am a teacher in the UK and all of my senior pupils are binge watching this to prepare for university!

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