Freshers Flu: What is it? And how do I avoid it?

A writer shares their experience and advice for freshers flu.

Libby Griffiths
18th October 2022
Image Credit: Flickr
Spoiler alert: you’re not going to avoid it.

Or, at least someone you know certainly will. I was nearly certain I was immune, after surviving the entire week without any sign of a runny nose or a tickly throat. I would laugh at my friend who downloaded the text-to-speech app to order her vodka lemonade, because she quite literally couldn’t speak. Alas, fast forward a week after freshers, I am at my desk, typing away, whilst stuffing tissues up my nose and coughing my guts up. Not the classiest first impression, but this is the honest truth. But, to avoid the embarrassment and annoyance: here’s what I wish I knew before being subjected to the deathly illness. 

Stocking up on lemsip and paracetamol upon arrival at university, will quite literally save your life, the blackcurrant flavour is my personal go-to. When you feel like death has made a home in your immune system and you can’t move, you’ll thank yourself. Next, do not mix your drinks. Don’t do it. It’s never worth it. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain. Lastly, be a silly fresher.

Everyone's going to get it, so have fun.

Just make sure you’re not the one starting a waterfall of coughing in your 9am lecture.

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AUTHOR: Libby Griffiths
Campus Comment Sub-Editor | Journalism Student

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