Freshers' week is not the be all and end all of your uni experience...

Don't put too much pressure on Freshers' to be the best week of your life

Adelaide Dodson
21st September 2023
Image credit @newcastlesu
Freshers – the hell scape of hundreds of thousands of eighteen-year-olds converging on every university across the country, unmoored, likely for the first time from parents, guardians, siblings, and friends. 

If my experience is anything to go by freshers is not everything that it’s made out to be. Honestly, it’s expensive, alcohol fuelled, and a little terrifying. Even though this is the start of your uni experience it’s certainly not the end. You might meet friends on social media before you even turn up to your accommodation with six suitcases full of stuff, you might meet your flatmates and click on the spot, or you’ll meet people on your course and find out there are two hundred other people just as obsessed with your subject as you are and find comfort there. 

Even though this is the start of your uni experience, it’s certainly not the end

But equally you might need the time to settle, to find friends, and a place to fit in. The girls I’m moving in with in only a couple of days were not people I knew immediately; in fact I met half of them at a Taylor Swift night in Greenhouse Disco Gardens (which I would highly recommend, they play the ten minute version of All Too Well) a few weeks into uni. Some even weeks after that and now I can’t imagine being without them. 

Freshers isn’t the be all and all your university life because you have months, years to work out what you’re doing with yourself. My main advice is to put yourself out there. There isn’t one person who isn’t looking for friends, so talk to people even if the thought makes you shrivel up a bit inside. 

You have months to get settled and find your people

Lots of people will have the best possible freshers but if it’s not the best week of your life don’t panic. Your freshers is primarily, yours - choose how to spend your time, look after yourself, and try not to spend all of your student loan. You have months to get settled and find your people, and the wait is most definitely worth it. 

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