From a plane into a museum and cinema

Lenka Minarovicova writes on the decision to turn one retired iconic BA boeing 747's into a museum and cinema.

Lenka Minarovicova
2nd November 2020
Two of British Airways‘ Boeing 747 based at Heathrow Airport were retired in October. One of them is to be reused and converted into an educational facility and a cinema that will be on display at Cotswold Airport from next spring.

"It was with great sadness that we retired our two final 747s based at Heathrow earlier this month [October], so we're glad Cotswold Airport is able to give one of these aircraft a new home and a new lease of life,“ said chief executive at British Airways Sean Doyle. Initially the retirement of the aircraft was supposed to be realized in 2024 but was put forward due to the pandemic. The live stream of the 747’s last flight, which took place on 8th October 2020, was watched by over 18 000 people on Facebook.

The aeroplane is painted in ‘Negus’ livery, which was used in the 1970s and the 1980s, as British European Airways and British Overseas Airways Corporation came together to become British Airways. Features from their original designs were used to create the Negus livery. This makeover was very special, since it was given to only four planes as a celebration of 100th anniversary of the airline last year.

Not only will the plane be used as a museum, a cinema or for school visits, but also for business purposes, conferencing and other private uses. Suzannah Harvey, Cotswold Airport chief executive, said: "It is great news for locals and visitors who will be able to see and experience one of the most iconic passenger aircraft of its time.” Moreover, a certain percentage of the profits from the events will be donated to Cotswold Airport scholarship programme and charities.

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