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Amy Zheng gives us her five simple stept on how to take your look from daytime to night out ready

17th October 2016

Eye makeup is the most obvious place to start to give you a more glam look. Become more charming by perfectly framing your eyes and let them do the talking.

Eye Brows

Eye brows can make or break your make up. Nice eye brow makeup can not only enhance your face shape ,but also increasingly improve the appearance of your all over look. First, carefully choose the colour you use on your brows and practice how to soften and intensify the colour through the amount of pressure applied. The colour should be relatively soft and light at the start of brow and become deeper and darker towards the brow’s tail. It’s always best to brush or draw with light strokes from the start point to the end of the brow adjusting the pressure and amount of product used to your taste. Next, like using a loose powder to set your face makeup, your eyebrows should also be set using a brow gel or a loose powder. This keeps the brows in place and avoids them slipping out of place throughout the night. Remember, do try to use  waterproof or long lasting products for extra staying power!

Long lasting Lash

Try these two easy fix tips that can recover your lashes and keep them looking perfect from day to night. An eyelash curler is a girl’s best friend. It can prepare the lash ready to apply more mascara. Try using the hairdryer to heat the lash curler before using, this creates a more dramatic and long lasting curve. Moreover, after applying the first coat of mascara, apply a loose powder to the lash, then go on with next coat of mascara. This easy tip makes the lashes appear longer and allow them to stay volumised for longer.

Glamour eye shadow

Deeper coloured eye shadows are the perfect tool to create a pair of big, bright and glamours eyes. First, use a smaller shadow brush to apply a little bit of a dark coloured powder to your lashline. This works to create an elongated and defined lashline to make your eyes bigger. This could also be done with a kohl pencil or liquid liner. Secondly, pick up more product on your brush and brush it softly into your eyelid crease to add a soft layer of definition and build a very dimensional look, easily and quickly!

Two small tricks to avoid fallout while you’re doing this are to tap the brush before applying powder and to place tape or tissue under the eyes while applying your eyeshadow. This will help you avoid the raccoon eyes look!

Sparkling eyeliner

Sometimes you want an ultra girlie eye make up look. Try this simple tip to create a subtle, but fabulously shimmery eye. If you’re a little unsure if girlie and glittery is for you, then a little bit of glittery liner. These come is more understated colours (such as grey and deep green) and alow you to explore you girly side while keeping it discreet and somewhat smokey. It’s subtle, but still has a bit of sparkle in it. Whether you’re using glitzy pigments or just a simple shimmer, you’ve taken your look from desk to disco.

Heavenly highlights

If you want your eyebrows to really steal the limelight, a pop of highlight is the perfect product or you. The most effective area to apply the highlight powder is to brow bone, you can feel where this is by pressing lightly to the area just below your eyebrows.

Any of these simple steps will leave you ready to hit the toon with your makeup looking fabulous.

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