Fun in the sun in a post-pandemic world

Alex Bailey tells us why COVID doesn't have to be the end of our summer plans and how we can have fun despite the pandemic.

Alex Bailey
24th May 2021
Pixabay: @Alexandra_Koch
With COVID restrictions lingering into the summer months, many have begun to doubt the possibility of overseas travel. Instead, getting creative and making the most out of staying in the country is becoming an increasingly popular option.

I’ve found taking a city break to somewhere in the UK that you have never explored just as refreshing as exploring a Spanish city. Ask the locals, read up on the area and scour through social media to uncover the best bits the city has to offer. If it’s a retreat into nature that you prefer, our British countryside has hundreds of hidden gems to take advantage of. Blue lagoons, white sand beaches and country cottages all sound like something from a movie set but can, surprisingly, be found in the British isles with a little bit of a Googling.

Having something to look forward to, plan, and get excited about can offer just as much enjoyment as the holiday itself

Aside from the holiday itself, one of the best aspects of a summer holiday is the anticipation. Having something to look forward to, plan, and get excited about can offer just as much enjoyment as the holiday itself. Unfortunately, with current COVID restrictions, it can be a risky business booking in advance for fear of cancellation and loosing out on money. I’ve found that one solution to this is setting aside a date, taking time off work or university, and planning nearer the time when restrictions are clearer. This way the anticipation and knowledge of a break away from normal life is still there without the hassle of loosing deposits and rebooking travel.

Whilst holidaying in Newcastle might not be the Ibiza that many were hoping for this summer, the holiday anticipation and the right spot can be just as good a substitute.

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