Futurama: a look back at the cult classic

We take a journey back through time and space to look at the legacy of one of the world's most popular animated comedies

Ben Stoddart
23rd March 2022
Featured Image: IMDb
Recently FOX announced the revival of their animated cult classic Futurama, with 20 new episodes and the return of the original cast. This gave me an excuse to look back (or should I say ahead) on Matt Groening’ hit sci-fi show.

Taking place in the year 3000 (nothing like what the Jonas Brothers predicted), Futurama follows the team 'Planet Express', a delivery company that hops between galaxies and planets to drop off packages. Consisting of a human from 1999, a cyclops, an alcoholic robot, a mad scientist and a decapodian, Futurama is certainly a show that plays by its own rules.

References to global warming, crooked politicians and even God himself shows that no one was safe from being ridiculed by the writers

Despite its futuristic setting, the show provides commentary on plenty of social and political issues that plague us today. It constructs a layer of self-awareness, which creates a lot of the comedy for the show.

On par with shows like The Simpsons (when it was good) the show has survived multiple cancellations and maintained an active cult following, Futurama continues to be one of the best animated comedies out there.

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