Game Night (15) Review

Jimmy Athey reviews this comedy, starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams

Jimmy Athey
12th March 2018
Image: Game Night Movie

From the guys that brought you Horrible Bosses, Game Night is another excellent addition to the Black Comedy genre, as Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams cause havoc while on the game night of their lives.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (writers of Horrible Bosses) direct a well-paced and very funny comedy about a couple of game night enthusiasts, who go on an action-packed thrill ride due to a game night that spins out of control. When feeling jealous of his brother (played by Kyle Chandler) Jason Bateman goes on a soul-searching adventure during a fake kidnapping-gone-wrong.

Packed full of terrific well cast supporting characters (including a brilliant Lamorne Morris) and a handful of twists and turns, the film is a surprising comedy gem. Pacing to perfection, the film gives us the right amount of action and story needed to be engaging and entertaining without falling flat.The dark humour is worked in particularly well. As well as the main plot, we get small side-plots which add more layers to the story and provides scenarios that give us comic relief.+

Lamorne Morris and Kylie Bunbury offer an hilarious back and forth when a secret from one of their pasts comes to the surface. The slapstick comedy is subtle and fits with the overall feel to the film, as well as the characters’ reactions to more darker themes such as kidnapping and murder is handled brilliantly, bringing laugh out loud jokes to taboo subjects.

The final act is more clunky than I would have liked, perhaps aiming for a more spectacular finish, but overall the film is a breath of fresh air, with its somewhat original premise and experimental cinematography. I loved Game Night, the acting was sublime and the dark humour was hilarious. More of this please Hollywood.

Rating: 4/5

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