Game of Thrones: The most disappointing downfall of all

How one of the most watched shows in the world quickly became everyone's least favourite...

Anna Nix
6th December 2023
Image source: IMDb
There have been so many shows that had an amazing start and then as the seasons started to pile up, the quality downgraded real fast. Unfortunately for me, some of the shows I once loved, have left me in shambles at how horribly they were treated towards their end (more so their fall).

Some dishonourable mentions include The 100 – first four seasons had an amazing storyline but after that, it seemed like the writers vomited out the most ridiculous plot lines and called it a day.

Gossip Girl – first season was great, and I loved the drama, but the show quickly got too repetitive and the whole premise, to my eyes, was mostly everyone getting with everyone and fighting about the same things all over again. Sometimes enough is enough.

And of course, I could not hate on shows and not mention Riverdale – it seems like the writers were getting high when brainstorming their script. The show went from fun little teenage murder mystery to time traveling, aliens, creating parallel universes and having magical powers all the while bringing people back from the dead – and of course all the characters getting with one another.

However, in my humble opinion, the biggest and most disappointing downfall TV show prize should be awarded to none other than Game of Thrones. I absolutely loved that show! I binge-watched the whole series in three weeks before the last season came out. It has been the only show I have started and then finished without giving up in the middle (or more likely after the second season as I get bored pretty quickly).

To my disappointment though, the show did not deliver with its last two seasons. Once the show ended up ahead of George R.R. Martin’s material from the books, they were unable to string together at least passable quality storylines. And the way they rushed the story to finish it off – I am sorry, but that pace was too quick to follow.

Once the show ended up ahead of George R.R. Martin’s material from the books, they were unable to string together at least passable quality storylines.

The only ending I was satisfied with was Arya and Sansa. Those two girls deserve everything and more after what they’ve been through. However, did the writers really have to put Sansa through the whole wedding with Ramsay? That plot was unnecessary and completely unjustifiable for her character.

In my eyes (and of course you can fight me on this, but I will fight back!), Daenerys should have stayed in Meereen and be the Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons and a few of the other titles she collected like magnets to put on her fridge. Jon Snow (read with the thick northern accent) should have been King of the Six Kingdoms – he would have hated it, and is hundred percent happier beyond the Wall, but he would have done the best job. Sansa – Queen in the North and Arya – the world explorer all the way. Bran should have just been forgotten beyond the Wall, stay the Three-eyed Raven, become the tree and have his silly little visions. Jaime and Brianne should have ended up together – Jamie going back to Cersei threw all of his character development out the window. Sandor Clegane deserved to just be happy, and Theon really did not need to die for Bran and he should have ended up in Sansa’s guard.

So, what is that one show that makes you go crazy at how irresponsibly and with such little care it was written off?

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