Get Naked: battle of the Naked palettes

Naked 1 The original and in my opinion- the best. This product is what started it all and is an essential in every girls make up collection. As it was the first one released, the packaging is perhaps the least glamorous of the four possible palettes, with its brown suede exterior it is easily dirtied […]

23rd November 2015

Naked 1

The original and in my opinion- the best. This product is what started it all and is an essential in every girls make up collection. As it was the first one released, the packaging is perhaps the least glamorous of the four possible palettes, with its brown suede exterior it is easily dirtied (mine is covered in finger prints and foundation splodges but that only goes to show how well loved it’s been over the years). However it’s not what’s on the outside that counts. Inside, the palette is made up of twelve beautiful gold-hued shades, it’s the perfect palette to create everything from a bronzy smoky eye to a subtle every daytime look. I wouldn’t let the hefty £38.00 price tag scare you off, it is well worth the money, mine has lasted me over two years and I’ve only hit the pan on my favourite shades. However as students, £38 is a lot of money, but fear not, there is an array of dupes on the market no matter what your budget: 1. W7 In The Buff Palette in Lightly Toasted, £9.95 2. Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm, £7.99 3. Makeup Revolution London Naked Dupe Eye Shadow Palette Romantic, £4.00 All these dupes just go to show the enduring popularity of the naked palette. With the Victoria Secret fashion show all over social media last week, Naked 1 is the only palette you’ll need to replicate that famous VS bronzy golden look. Half Baked is the perfect base to get that desirable golden-hue. If full out VS is not for you, here are some alternative ideas: My favourite shades within the palette to create an everyday look: Naked all over the lid. Buck in the crease (the two matte shades) and sidecar for a little extra shimmer. The best shades for a smoky eye: Half Baked all over the eye lid, Buck in the crease Smog, and Hustle in the outer corner and a little under the eye to elongate the eyes shape for the perfect smoky effect. And Finally, my favourite You Tube tutorial for the palette would have to be ‘Victoria Secret Bronze Glow Makeup Tutorial’ by Pixiwoo My word of warning: apply your eye shadow before doing your concealer or foundation, there can be a lot of drop out which leaves you with eye shadow residue on your amazingly highlighted cheek bones.

Naked 2

Without question, the Naked 2 is not only the best Naked palette, but possibly the best all round eyeshadow palette of all time. If you’re looking to splurge on an eyeshadow palette that will take you through all the seasons, Naked 2 is the one to choose! For me, it’s the perfect compromise between the original Naked palette and Naked 3, offering some purple-pink shades reminiscent of Naked 3, but has the bronze/ brown goodness of the original palette in there too. Naked 2 is mostly cool toned which makes it ideal for every season and every skin tone. As someone with a skin tone, which can be described as a little paler than ‘corpse-like’, I often find the warm tones of the original Naked palette to be slightly too warm for my skin, whereas Naked 2 is a perfect balance for every skin tone. By far the most versatile of the palettes, the Naked 2 is the sort of palette you can use for an everyday look just going to university, or alternatively for an intense smoky eye for a night out. While Naked 3 is undoubtedly a lovely palette consisting of rose gold hues to sweep during the day and if like me, you love a good heavy eye makeup look when you hit Digi Mondays- Naked 3 is not the one for you. When it comes to packaging, Naked 2 is also a clear winner. The original palette is well known for its cardboard packaging, with it being lightweight, it’s perfect to take on the go, however the packaging easily attracts unwanted grime. Whist I’m a big fan of the Naked 3 and Naked Smoky packaging, Naked 2 is the most iconic and simplistic of them all, and I’m definitely not just saying that because I’m an unapologetic Naked 2 fanatic. For a palette that is versatile in colour and shade intensity, which will take you from day to night and winter to summer- Naked 2 is the winner of this battle.

Naked 3

Don’t get me wrong I love the Naked 3 palette, with its cute pink exterior and even cuter collection of twelve pink shades it makes you feel like, well, how twelve glittery eyeshadows would make any girl feel. But that’s the problem, the whole palette is pink! It’s definitely the least versatile of the four palettes. Naked 3 was the first out of the collection that I bought. I have green eyes and pink is a complementary colour, by using a complimentary colour it will make your eyes stand out more which is what all of us want out of an eye shadow. However, after playing with it for a few weeks I became bored, I got into a routine of using Burnout, Buzz and Liar and didn’t really use many of the other shades. On nights out I would find myself reaching for my friend’s palettes that had Naked 1 and 2. Having said that you can create some really pretty looks: The best shades for every day: Strange all over the eye lid, Limit in the crease, and Nooner in the outer corner of the eye– I tend to think matte shades are better for every day and save the glitter for nights out, but if you want to add a little sparkle I think Dust is a really nice baby pink. The best shades for a nighttime look: Liar on the base, Factory in the crease and Liar on the outer corner and under the eye, and a little dust in the inner corner to widen the eye. For a YouTube tutorial on how to create the best look with the Naked 3, why not watch Soft & Sultry by KathleenLights.

Naked Smokey

The most recent of the Naked Palette releases, this palette received a bit of backlash when it was first released, with critics claiming that the Naked Palette launches have been coming too thick and fast. It’s no doubt that this is worth the Naked hype and besides, the palettes keep delivering. Containing four glittery shades, four shimmer shades and four matte hues, there is something for everyone in the Naked Smoky. The neutral tones are easily wearable for anybody and it is so simple to take an everyday look into the night time with the middle shades. A large mirror is included and, in my opinion, the sturdy plastic packaging on the Smoky Palette is the best from the whole range of Naked Palettes. One of the best things about this palette, is the double-ended brush it comes with. One end has a smaller head to make smudging underneath the lash line and the outer corners a lot easier. The other end is a larger, fluffy blending brush which gets rid of any harsh lines between the shades and is perfect for blending the outer edges out towards the brow bone. Price wise, the Naked Palettes are definitely higher end retailing from urban decay priced at £38, however, I would say they’re worth the price as Urban Decay produce the best eyeshadows out there. They’re very well pigmented, have hardly any fall out, are easily buildable and for that price you get twelve shadows, which is rare in other high end palettes.

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