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Sports Editor Sydney Isaacs gives you the low down on local trampoline parks and explains why trampolining is the perfect combination of great exercise and great fun

Sydney Isaacs
30th April 2018
Book in advance to ensure you avoid disappointment as sessions have a maximum capacity. Image: Jump Arena Ltd

You may have noticed that in recent years a certain type of fitness/leisure facility seem to be springing up here there and everywhere, this being trampoline parks.

If you are still somewhat unsure as to how the popularity of these parks has soared so rapidly since their introduction then you probably haven’t visited one. Thankfully, here at the courier (with help from the Waterpolo girls) we have done all the hard work researching and visiting every trampoline park in the local area gathering all the relevant information in order to make this an easily rectifiable situation for yourself.

We have found that these parks generally take the format of a main floor that is made up of adjacent square trampolines, with a number of slightly longer or wider trampolines and padded blocks slotted into the matrix. This floor is usually surrounded on three sides with diagonally angled trampolines designed to allow for for literally ‘bouncing off the walls’.

[pullquote]These venues will always offer something to suit your level[/pullquote]

Aside from the main floor, the parks often have a number of other trampoline based facilities such as trampolines and tumble tracks leading into foam pits or air bags for practicing tricks. High padded walls for running up or bouncing on to, dodgeball arenas, slacklines are also features often featured.

Whether you are a basic bouncer or parkour pro, it seems that these venues will always offer something to suit your level.

Open bounce sessions are usually an hour long. Whilst the sheer thrill of catching air and challenging yourself is powerfully addictive, trampolining is a full body workout that will leave you satisfyingly exhausted by the end of your slot. If its your first bouncing session then your muscles are very likely to remind you of their hard work the following day.

[pullquote]Their presence also helps you to re-unite your own inner carefree child, a great way to combat stress[/pullquote]

It is fair  to expect that an open session at  one of these parks will be proportionally dominated by the funnest demographic of people – children – but do not let this deter you as they are often keen to give advice and kind feedback on your moves. Their presence also helps you to re-unite your own inner carefree child, a great way to combat stress.

If you are really feeling put off by the prospect of bouncing with little’ns then there are other options available to you. Most parks offer trampoline based fitness classes which are usually cheaper than open jump sessions and include a full hour’s instruction with music.

For those of you who would prefer to pursue trampolining as a technical discipline, the Benfield Sports Centre, the primary training facility of both City of Newcastle and Newcastle University gymnastics clubs, offers both coached and free-for-all adult sessions. The Benfield Centre features fewer trampolines than the recreational trampoline parks but they differ in that they are performance trampolines which offer significantly more bounce than their trampoline-park brothers and sisters and therefore allow for more advanced tricks to be performed.

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