Gettin' Hygge with it

Sarah Davis incorporates the Danish concept of comfort into style and fashion this Christmas

Sarah Davis
5th December 2016

Shop the look: 1. Zara super soft checked scarf £19.00,  2. Oliver Clothing two pocket detail corduroy dress, wine £65.00,  3. Forever 21 cable knit knee-high socks £9.00,  4. Olive Clothing chunky roll neck pullover, khaki £79.00,  5. TOPSHOP lofty turn back cuff jumper £34.00, 6. TOPSHOP cashmere ribbed tights £12.00


Did you drag yourself out of bed kicking and screaming at 9:00 am this morning? I certainly did. It has reached that time of the year when the sun very rarely sneaks through concerning grey skies, and by 3:00 pm you are consumed by the dark twilight, turning your lights on and wrapping your dressing gown around your frozen body.

From heartwarming bowls of porridge and charcoal knitted gloves to tartan scarves and candle lit dinners, hygge has consumed not only the Danish hearts and minds, but the whole of the western hemisphere. Surrounded by soft incandescent light, a roaring fire on a crisp bitter night, wearing voluminous woollen jumpers and indulging in a mug of warmed spiced mulled wine, sounds pretty perfect right? You may be more Danish than you may thought! While there is no direct English translation of the Danish word hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga”, many have rendered the word to express feelings of cosiness, warmth and happiness. Translation however often detracts from hygge’s eternal meaning. Translator Tove Maren Stakkestad said, “hygge was never meant to be translated. It was meant to be felt”. Hygge denotes a wholehearted, fundamental and inherent attitude to life that has earned Denmark the top spot as a nation offering the highest quality of life. Adding the hygge philosophy to your way of life can be picking a few pieces of clothing to generate the art of creating intimacy. Live like the Danes and follow the guidance of Alfred Wainwright: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”.

Super soft checked scarf: With temperatures in Denmark descending to -25 in winter, hats, scarves and gloves are essential to ward off frost bitten fingers. The scarf is the ultimate winter essential, with new colours each annum. This year we have been graced with an ensemble of green, red, white and yellow- the perfect yuletide mélange. Wear inside and outside the house, snuggled in bed, cocooned on the sofa, become cooking partners and possibly engrain the fibers into your skin. The woollen scarf is the best way to detract from that dreaded cold neck, and whilst increasing your body’s temperature it will fill your heart with festive love, ideal for those winter months when we crave amiable intimacy.

“From heartwarming bowls of porridge and charcoal knitted gloves to tartan scarves and candle lit dinners, hygge has consumed not only the Danish hearts and minds, but the whole of the western hemisphere”

Corduroy pinafores: If you assume your jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe, think again. The pinafore: aimed to fit loosely, teamed with a turtle neck jumper or cable knit there is nothing better than strutting around the house in cosy, baggy but cute looking clothes. Ignore your Mum’s pleads and pull those sleeves down over your fingers to feel an infinite level of hygge.

Chunky knitted knee high socks: Comfortable lounge wear does not have to be excessive or expensive. Knitted textured knee-high socks can be either worn over a pair of sheer tights when venturing outside or just over bare skin when roaming around your home, they add a playful, jovial, lighthearted element to your wardrobe. Many stores stock a variety but currently Forever 21 are treating us to autumnal browns and mustards as well as classic greys and charcoal colours for a bargain of £5.

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