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Tilly Parry confesses her fear of statement looks and shares how she got over it

27th February 2017

There are a multitude of beauty techniques that terrify me. After all, I’ve done the same winged eyeliner since I was fourteen (though its application has most certainly improved in that time) and my lipstick collection varies from nude to a more pink-toned nude. I see that the new eye trend involves actual gems when, quite honestly, I’m still getting glue in my eye every time I attempt false lashes. But just because something intimidates us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try it or get to enjoy it. For the more cautious of us, therefore, I’m going to share some tips and tricks for balancing out bold make-up looks. As we slowly make our way into spring (though sometimes I doubt the North has seasons) more people are introducing more fun colours into their looks. But unless you’re well familiar with colour theory, avoiding clashes on your lids can be difficult. But with this style, there aren’t any rules - have fun, mix colours you wouldn’t usually use, and make sure to wash your brushes afterwards! High pigment is key here, so stick to brands you trust. Because this is such an attention-grabbing style, make sure to use black mascara to define your actual eye-shape in the midst of such exciting colours.

For lips, your best bet is a nude to make sure the eyeshadow is the main, uninterrupted feature. After all, a lipstick that doesn’t match will be jarring, but a lipstick that is part of your chosen colour scheme might look too coordinated and regulated. Look. We all have the same nightmare of supervising over-exuberant children at an arts and crafts table. But I promise, using glitter does not have to mean a lifetime of unpicking it from your carpet. I personally love adding a touch of gold glitter to jazz up a smoky eye, but if you’re a pro with a cut-crease, glitter eyeliners can be used for a more delicate effect. Glitter can also be used on the cheekbones if you’re a highlighter fan. The key with glitter, however, is to ensure it is the main focus of your look. If on your eyes, use a more muted amount of highlighter and shimmery products, and a more matte lipstick is your best bet. Also, make sure to match your colours: gold glitter can go well with a pop of deep red lipstick for a more classic Hollywood look, whereas brighter colour glitter needs a nude lip to avoid any colour clashes. Dark lipsticks are perfect for facing any day like a bad-ass and have skyrocketed in recent popularity.

The key to balancing such a statement look, however, is outlining, in several different ways. Firstly, you need to use a lip-liner, either nude or matching the main lip colour, to make sure the product doesn’t bleed out. The dark colour means any wobbly lines or smudges are obvious, so use a concealer as well to clean up the application. But outlining the rest of your face is equally important – your other features shouldn’t be lost behind the eye-catching lip look. Black eyeliner is the best way to do this, with a simple nude eyeshadow base. You don’t have to do wings or even a heavy line, but defining your eyes balances out the overall look and makes sure they don’t disappear. You want attention to be drawn to your beautifully-painted lips, of course, but not at the expense of the rest of your face. Strong eyebrows and contouring will also help with this.

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