Gig Review: FEVER DAYS and Kay Greyson

Finlay Holden reviews Fever Days' incredible first headline show at Head of Steam

Finlay Holden
2nd January 2020
Instagram: @feverdaysarehere
Following a support tour with The Pale White earlier this year and supporting several shows in Newcastle, local band FEVER DAYS finally make their sell-out headline debut at Head of Steam with support from Kay Greyson.


Kay Greyson warmed the stage for the band with her rap/hip-hop presence, playing mostly unreleased tracks to a quickly-captivated audience. She worked the stage with confidence and certainly had some members of the crowd boogieing along with her soon enough. Stand out tracks were ‘LSD’, ‘come down’ and currently her only released single ‘Give It All’.

Image: Instagram @feverdaysarehere

FEVER DAYS immediately kicked things off with their undeniably catchy and extremely danceable second single, ‘I See Through It’. The crowd of enthusiastic fans didn't take long to start a mosh pit in the admittedly small but absolutely packed-out basement venue, and this was certainly a strong way to start a gig.

A few unreleased tracks with further excellent vocals and synth effect work continue the excitement before another single, ‘Hard Luck’, got the crowd jumping again. It is always interesting to see how the band translate their expertly produced songs to a live performance, and it goes down a treat with their fans here.

‘Regret Too Much’ had frontman Oli Green showing his keyboard skills at the front of the stage, and this tune is certainly one of the more captivating of the unreleased songs played here, showing a strong future for the band beyond their current singles. I look forward to the release of live tracks such as this with great excitement, and it shows the band will only grow more successful.

‘Hey’ is another head-banger not yet on streaming services, and yet a lot of the audience recognise it as one of the first songs that FEVER DAYS ever put out into the world. It can be heard on Bandcamp, although the difference in production compared to other singles is significant because of this. Hopefully one day it will be rerecorded because it's certainly a hot track that the band’s biggest fans look forward to at every gig.

The set closes with ‘What’s Your Problem?’, probably the most rock-like song that the band has released so far, and the guitar and bass work here sounds great layered with the usual effects and confident vocal performance.

Overall, the band once again proves to their fans they can do justice to the incredible production on their singles by bringing them to life as a four-piece. The air was full of excitement for the first headline show, and due to its success, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to come.

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