Gig Review: KASHMERE - Head of Steam, 9th November

The indie rockers hit Newcastle

Emily Rose Jackson
16th November 2018
Credit: Emily Rose Jackson


It’s a drizzly, damp Friday night in Newcastle and KASHMERE are playing Head of Steam, their debut performance in the toon. For a band with a relatively small back catalogue they play a well timed set bursting with good tunes, and successfully converting everyone in the room into a full fledged fan of their self-coined ‘Electro Indie Doom Pop’. 

Each track scores an unmistakable high note with the attentive crowd, who answer to lead singer Joey Newey’s every command. “I want no one in here standing still!” and almost instantly all of our hips begin to sway in sync to stellar single ‘Tokyo.’

Dream-like sequences flood the potential silence between songs, keeping the audience lingering to every sound, avoiding filling any gaps with mindless chatter like many bands lazily opt to. Guitar pedals are used cleverly to create an ethereal ambience that’s well littered with vintage leather jackets, a lot of good haircut’s and half drank bottles of Bud; a rock’n’roll haven in the middle of Newcastle city centre.

Joey Newey’s stage presence is undeniably powerful, his performance appearing natural whilst also enanouring to audience members.This aura paired with the whole band’s impeccable sense of style (think late 60s/early 70s Rolling Stones glamour) transported us to another era and place, far beyond an underground venue of a packed pub.

New single ‘Anesthesia’ livens the crowd up once more and has us all in the palm of their hands, as well as eagerly anticipating the Stockport four-piece’s debut album.

I was also overwhelmed by how lovely the band all were, enthusiastically stopping to chat with gig goers post-set, and the fans were truly grateful with one girl travelling the major long haul from South Korea to see KASHMERE’s Newcastle and Manchester gigs.

Overall the verdict is one of me being heavily impressed, I even invited two pals along to the show who aren’t the biggest fans of ‘indie’ music and they left the gig converted, both praising the vibe the band created.

I thoroughly encourage anyone that has the opportunity to catch these boys live, to get yourselves a ticket! Make sure to get your glad rags on accordingly (or they will show you up with their impressive wardrobe) and be ready to discover a new favourite you will be playing on repeat.

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