Gig Review: Lauran Hibberd and FEVER DAYS

Finlay Holden reviews Lauran Hibberd's Newcastle gig.

Finlay Holden
28th October 2019
Image: @lauranhibberd on Instagram
Indie-pop rising star Lauran Hibberd makes her second stop on her first-ever headline tour at THINK TANK? UNDERGROUND, and performs live in Newcastle for the first time since her debut EP, ‘Everything is Dogs,’ has been released, making this a show not to be missed.

Warming up the stage were local 4-piece FEVER DAYS, whose music is hard to categorise but displays shades of indie, pop and rock throughout their set consisting of their 3 current singles and a variety of unreleased work, including upcoming single ‘Drugs’. Their live performance brings to life the vibrant tracks with cutting guitar and a heavy amount of synth effects, including those on front man Oli’s vocals which take front-and-centre throughout the show. The mix of effects and live performance makes for an interesting listen and this is certainly a band to look out for.

Image: @feverdaysarehere on Instagram

Lauran came on stage in one of her usual bright outfits, that would not look amiss in Flares, and goes straight into a loud fan-favourite single, ’Call Shotgun’, that gets heads bopping from the get-go. The crowd keep dancing through my favourite song ‘Hoochie’ which has an explosive chorus when played live. Old singles ‘What Do Girls Want’ and ‘Hunny Is This What Adults Do’ follow, with the crowd’s focus broken only by the usual sarcastic, witty jokes made between songs, especially when Lauran flexes her musical ability by switching her new guitar with the bass player.

Her set continued featuring EP tracks, singles and unreleased tracks, including ‘Camera Shy’, a soft track in the vein of ‘Shark Week’ that debuted on the vinyl EP but has yet to be released elsewhere. This is a very intimate reflection on a past relationship, just as ‘Shark Week’ reflects on trying to make a current relationship work. These calmer songs provide a necessary break between the loud and proud indie-pop bangers.

By the end of the gig, my ears were ringing and I couldn’t have been happier about it. Every track Lauran Hibberd performed has either been streamed on repeat or has fans dying for its release. With great support and main acts, this was truly a bargain show that I’m glad I didn’t miss!

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