Gilmore Girls and its autumn revival: What makes it such a cosy show?

Curl up on the sofa with a blanket and get ready to take a look at the perfect Autumn watch!

Lyndsey Sleator
7th November 2022
image credit: IMDB
Autumn means one thing and one thing only- it’s Stars Hollow season baby! Grab some coffee and a (Luke’s diner) doughnut, cause we’re going on a rewatch.

Gilmore Girls is one of those shows which feels like a warm hug- and undoubtedly for this reason it makes its revival every autumn. Transported to the world of the close-knit town of Stars Hollow, it always seems to be Autumn here.

Warm scenes of pumpkins, orange trees, and haystacks seem to dominate the show's settings, while Loreali and Rory's iconic fall fashion is also a key part of viewer's love for this show in Autumn- it is basically an ideal Autumn look book! Iconic "Y2k" clothing such as Rory's chunky knit sweater and Lorelai's fluffy suede jacket have made a comeback this Autumn. However, it is not only the cosy autumn aura and fashion which makes this show such a comfort watch, but the laid-back plot too.

Gilmore Girls exudes the warmth needed in the colder months

Focussing its plot on the relationship between Lorelai Gilmore and her 16-year-old daughter, Rory, what makes this show such an escapism for me is that you don't have to concentrate while watching it. It is simply a carefree, simple but hilarious portrayal of small-town life. Here it is the small pleasures in life that are given centre stage - grabbing a morning coffee and having a laugh with (arguably one of the show’s best characters) diner-owner Luke Danes. Warm coffee seems to dominate the life of Lorelai Gilmore, relatable to me and many other Newcastle students flocking to get their 5-a-day, Pret subscription, pick me up on a cold, North East morning.

The show's eccentric town events such as the Autumn and Firelight Festival, paired with its crazy townspeople like Miss Patty and Taylor Doose, provide viewers with a feeling of community and warm family connections, which I sometimes crave now living in a big city away from home.

Image credit: IMDB

Gilmore Girls is also the perfect programme to have on in the background while trying to get inspired to tackle university assignments. The study-aholic character of Rory provides all the Autumn academia vibes needed to make you actually romanticise doing work in semester one. Whether in Yale or the Robbo, autumn uni work can feel a lot more fun if we do it the Gilmore Girls way- a cute fit, coffee in hand, and (a recent addition to my GG obsession) the “Strolling through Stars Hollow” playlist on Spotify.

Watching shows seasonally is an important way to feel in the spirit of the season, and much like how many people rewatch Christmas films in December to get all the festive feels, this show is an autumn staple. Although amazing all year round, Gilmore Girls exudes the warmth needed in the arrival of the colder months- the Autumn binge starts here!

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