Glad Tyne-ings: Christmas at Tyneside Cinema

What can we expect to unwrap this year at Tyneside Cinema's festive showings?

Georgie Martin
15th December 2021
Image Credit: IMDB
My dad and I have a Christmas tradition where we watch It's a Wonderful Life together. It is always just the two of us, because no one else in the family can handle the fact that it is black and white, or the fact that we insist on doing the worst Jimmy Stewart impressions throughout.

Watching the film with him has given me some of my favourite Christmas memories, and it's something I look forward to every year, but this year it will be even more special as we get to watch it on the big screen. This year we have booked to see it at Tyneside cinema and I certainly can't wait to see the classic film in the beautiful, original newsreel theatre, even if it does mean fewer impressions. 

Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas. Image credit: IMDB

If like the rest of my family, black and white isn't for you, then Tyneside is offering a great range of other Christmas movies. There are a number of classic family favourites, with screenings of Elf, The Polar Express and even the option of a Home Alone double bill. Alternatively, if romantic comedies are more your thing then there is the classic 1940’s rom-com The Shop Around The Corner - a film later remade as You’ve Got Mail - or a boozy ‘popcorn and prosecco’ viewing of The Holiday. I personally can't think of anything better than drinking prosecco and watching a young Jude Law. 

With all of these and so many more, it is easy for everyone to find an opportunity for a festive cinema trip.

The one I am absolutely gutted to be missing is White Christmas, the cheesy Bing Crosby film that would've made for perfect Christmas Eve viewing for any fans of romance or musicals. Or if instead, if you fancy a less in your face, full-on Christmas films, then maybe the showings of Die Hard, Batman Returns or The Nightmare Before Christmas (which I still argue is a Halloween film) would be more up your street.

With all of these and so many more, it is easy for everyone to find an opportunity for a festive cinema trip. But, if you do go and see It’s a Wonderful Life on the 18th of December, I can only apologize for any impressions you hear. 

George Bailey lassos the moon (It's A Wonderful Life). Video credit: Movieclips
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