Gone but not forgotten: Sean Dyche

Burnley FC sack Sean Dyche

Isabel Ellis
13th May 2022
Image credit: Twitter @BurnleyOfficial
Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Sean Dyche has rocked the stands of Turf Moor for the better. Being the longest-serving manager the Premier League has ever known, he definitely dragged Burnley from the dirt up to being a solid staple in the league.

Many doting fans ran to twitter on the morn of the sacking noting that this worst loss Good Friday has ever seen – and to be honest, at the time I agreed. It came somewhat out of the blue, even after a tsunami of losses. As fans, we could pinpoint that he was the weak link of the team, but we never expected after just one year of iffy games for him to be slung in the back alley never to been seen on the Turf Moor grounds again. This brutal sacking sent shockwaves not only through the fans, but also through other premier league teams as not only was Sean off, but his whole training squad too.

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Although he has been gone just over two weeks now, he is certainly not forgotten. His legacy will live on for generations to come as the teams local, The Royal Dyche, has no plans of changing the infamous pub name anytime soon.

Afterall, he gave us the gift of hope

But now, we flashforward to today. On the other side of three wins for Burnley (I know, I can’t quite believe it either!) and with Ben Mee as the stand-in manager, it’s hard to see Dyche wasn’t the problem. His time at Burnley evidently became stagnant, with the team only winning 4 out of 31 games in the 21/22 season while he was in charge. I think its fair to say we are sad to see ol’Dychey leave Turf in such a cut-throat way, but we will always be grateful that he was there to see the team rise from the ashes over the past 10 years under his control.

With Burney currently placed 16th the Great Escape is now and truly on for the Clarets to stay another year in the premier league, and I for one have great faith that they will achieve another Premier League win in the near future.

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