Google displays wrong Sports Centre opening hours during winter vacation

Mixed messages over the Sports Centres opening times last week leaves students standing outside

Joseph Caddick
13th January 2022
Image credit: Twitter @NCLSport)

Whilst the new term started on the 10th of January, many students returned to campus earlier to settle in before the exam period. Those who were looking to visit the Sports Centre in the evening were left feeling confused, as when they arrived, the automatic doors wouldn't open.

Although the University’s website listed the opening hours during the vacation period, students who instead searched Google for the opening hours would be shown the regular term-time schedule as opposed to the reduced vacation one. As such, they had no idea that they'd be turning up to a gym that was already closing for the night.

After speaking to a member of staff at the Sports Centre, it appeared that they also hadn’t realised that Google was displaying the wrong times. Now that the vacation period has definitely ended, they said that the gym has returned to its normal term time hours. For anyone using Google, this should mean that the opening hours they show are correct again.

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