GOSH, NOSH isn’t the only student cookbook?

Editor Sophie Wilson discusses the top student cookbooks we should all be turning to

Sophie Wilson
27th February 2020
Image: Dan Gold on Unsplash

Student cooking has to be better than beans on toasts nowadays. In a world where there are so many flavours, spices and ingredients to indulge in, the beans on toast just does not make the cut anymore. 

But as a student, it is important not to cook a meal that will dissolve your limited weekly budget. Meals need to be delicious, granted, but they need to have relatively few ingredients and be cost-effective. 

So, what is the first cookbook that comes to mind when you think of students? NOSH by far wins this race! It is a good book for when you first come to university, and when you are beginning to experiment with food. But what if you want to expand your repertoire and experiment a bit more? Well, N.O.S.H is now Not the Only Student Handbook for cooking. 

Joe Wicks is another well-known name in the student cooking industry. His book, Lean in 15 has attracted many students, with his idea that cooking will take less than fifteen minutes. This is perfect after a hard day at university, your stomach is rumbling and all you want to do is reach into the snack cupboard and satisfy that hunger. But what about eating healthy, the voice in your head shouts? QUICK! Reach for Joe Wicks, the perfect solution. But why not try the newer vegetarian version. I mean, doesn’t baked sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella rice sound yummy…

But, do good recipes only come from cookbooks? Definitely not! My ultimate favourite source of recipes is BBC Good Food. Healthy recipes, vegetarian recipes, gluten free recipes…everything that you want comes from here! With the advantage that you do not have to physically buy a book, then what is stopping you from reaching your chef potential? Have a quick perusal of the website… p.s. the gnocchi and tomato bake is a cheap, quick and all round comforting meal!

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