Gothenburg: my travel photos

Arts sub-editor Maud Webster reflects on her 2018 trip to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Maud Webster
7th December 2020
These photos from Gothenburg are some of my favourite to look back on: two years ago, I headed on my first solo trip to idyllic Sweden, and had a great time navigating small streets and falling over in the icy conditions.

As I descended into the swish Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport, Swedish countryside presented itself in this spectacular wintery scene, the snow defining buildings and roads.

Credit: Maud Webster

Sweden's second largest city is surprisingly small, but hosts many cultural attractions: the images bellow show Göteborgs Konstmuseum, a gallery displaying artwork spanning from the renaissance to the modern day, and Göteborgs Stadsmuseum, a beautiful building detailing the city's history.

Credit: Maud Webster
Credit: Maud Webster

On the morning of my second day in Gothenburg, I saw a big ol' hill and decided to go for a little explore up it. A quick google search of "gothenburg big hill with tower" leads me to think it was a hill called Skansen Kronan but I'm not entirely sure!

I realised how unprepared for the weather I was as I slipped up icy steps, clinging onto the handrail, meanwhile a guy and their child sprinted past me. My jealousy of their effortlessness spurred me to reach the top, and having done so I was rewarded with a pretty decent view:

Credit: Maud Webster

Scandinavia is infamously expensive, so whilst I didn't sample the shops, I did stroll around a couple of Gothenburg's cosy little independent shopping districts - Victoriapassagen (see below) and Haga are busy and so visually exciting.

Credit: Maud Webster

This was a fun little opportunity to live vicariously through my old photos, particularly in a time when travelling is pretty much off the table. I would definitely recommend a trip to Gothenburg if you ever get the chance!

Feature Image Credit: Maud Webster

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AUTHOR: Maud Webster
she/they | third year architecture & urban planning student @ newcastle | co-head of culture for the 21/22 academic year

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