Greggs releasing recipes online

Sophie Wilson brings us our tenth good news story, telling how Greggs have released recipes for their favourite treats.

Sophie Wilson
24th April 2020
Image: Wikimedia Commons

With Newcastle being home to so many Greggs, the move home for many means a deprivation of the takeaway food. But during lockdown, Greggs have decided to raise spirits and have started to release the recipes for some of our favourite treats. 

There are twenty nine Greggs in Newcastle, more than three times as many stores as the national average. The Chronicle has called it the “Greggs capital of the UK”. There are 9.9 stores for every 100,000 people in the city, it has been reported. With the food so readily available, lockdown has meant that many have not tasted this readily available food for at least a month.

Greggs has produced GIY (Greggs It Yourself) recipe guides to solve this. The first recipe that they gave out was the sausage, bean and cheese melt. A spokesperson for Greggs said that they hoped that this recipe would “provide a bit of light relief, as well as filling a void until we’re able to open again”. 

The company then took to social media to ask what recipe the public would like next: steak bake was the result. The spokesperson says that they hope the steak bake recipe “will prove to be just as popular” because they were “blown away by all of the support” for the first recipe.  

The steak bake recipe even has a vegan option, where the recipe has detailed how to substitute foods to make it suitable.

And if it all goes wrong, Greggs have reminded people that there are official Greggs products being sold in Iceland to satisfy those cravings. 

The final and most recent recipe that has been released is the chicken bake. Telling their followers to “Grab your pinny and your pastry, Chicken Bake lovers” before saying “On your marks, Greggs, set, go!”, the company’s post has already received over four hundred shares, suggesting that a lot of people will be baking these treats during lockdown. 

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